Nothing But Gratefulness

For the past week, I’ve been working on changing my outlook in order to change my outcome. I always say that I’m a work in progress.

I started using this detox tea to help get a jump start on my health goals. I must say that I sleep better and it really works. I’m slowly incorporating a workout and changing eating habits; gotta stay away from the “easy snacks.” My clothes do feel a little loose. I MUST keep going!

Changing my morning routine by listening to positive affirmations. I’ve stumbled across a few on YouTube and kept them in a list. One of them is related to gratefulness.They definitely help; especially when I want to accomplish goals.

Make sure all your days count for gratefulness!

Surviving the Seven-Year Itch (Anniversary Post)

May 8, 2011: It’s amazing that I actually started writing a blog about my life and my fitness journey seven years ago. Many things have changed: people; jobs; residence. Some of us are no longer physically on this planet. We’re reminded every day of how life is precious.

I started writing this blog on Mother’s Day in honor of my mother, Ms. Catherine Davis Richardson. She was called on by God months after celebrating her 60th birthday on November 9, 2009. What’s so ironic is my paternal grandmother, Vanona Forrest Richardson, was called on by God November 8, 2008. You can tell the month is a mental and emotional challenge for me.

My mother’s passing was a wake-up call for me. It truly hit home of how tomorrow isn’t promised. I just told her about a charity fundraising event that my sorority chapter was preparing for. I remember the last thing I said to her was “I love you, Mamacita!” And she responded, “I love you too!” Little did I know God wanted her to be home sooner than I thought.

Today is May 10, 2018 and I know that in order for me to help others, I must be physically; mentally; financially; and spiritually ready to move onward. I can’t continue to live my life like I have these past seven years. Drastic changes for the better must be made. Excuse me, because I may not be spending time in social media as much, but I’m a work in progress.

This blog post is dedicated in memory of my mother, Catherine Davis Richardson.

Another reason we don’t know the day nor the hour. We’ve had so many people we know or don’t know go before us. Recently, Chef Judson Todd Allen.

Get It Together & Live Your Life

I sit here reflecting on life: what I need to do; what I want to do; how to make it happen.

On Sunday (10/22) we received word about the passing of someone we knew. It was so unexpected and so sudden. The day before, we were talking and laughing among ourselves. Later that afternoon, he had a heart attack and the ambulance immediately called. You never know how much time a person has on Earth.

Now back to me. After my round of medical appointments and blood work, I am diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. I could kick myself in the rear, because I wanted to NOT become the next family statistic. I need to get it together in every aspect of my life. Things are shifting and I don’t know what will happen next. All I know that it starts with me and I have to start somewhere. I know I TRULY have to watch what I eat. Incorporate more exercise. Take my vitamins. Lives are precious and health is wealth.

Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now

A New Journey Getting Back to Me [Birthday Edition]

Well now. It’s been months since I’ve made a new blog post. Now is as good time as any (as the elders would say).

August 27 represents another year of existence for me. I’ve had–and continue to have—professional and personal challenges, especially with my overall health. I have my round of medical appointments, working on getting back to a better and healthier lifestyle. I see some of my peers truly working it out, and keep telling myself “I’m going to do this. I have to get my health back in check.”

So many things are going on. As I write this post, I know of several people who are wondering about where they live due to torrential rain from a hurricane; the escalation of racism and prejudice with an “in-your-face” attitude; threats of war and no diplomatic talks; access to health care and basic human rights as a HUMAN race. I could go on…

In the midst of it all, I still say, “Health is wealth.” I MUST get back to me!

It’s My Time

How Many More Reminders? (An Ode to Life – off the top)

How many more reminders do we need…about how life is precious and we all have a purpose?

How many more reminders must we see of people who look like me are being taken away from this Earth for no reason? And that it’s a HUMAN problem?!?!

How many more reminders must we see that our health is important and we MUST be proactive in being able to continue to serve our purpose? Many of our elders in this life and the next–and many of the next generation–are counting on us. 

How many more reminders must we see that celebrating degradation of other human beings; ignorance; money and power; DOES have an impact on our psyche?!?!

How many more reminders must we see that NOT taking care of the Earth hurts the human race in the long run?

How many more reminders must we realize that there are others who have lost the will to live and feel like there’s no hope for them? LISTEN! Be an ear to those who haven’t been heard. Be the voice to those who feel they have no voice! 

I struggle at times, but I will rise and be an example that improving your health is a wonderful moment. Let your “healthy light”  shine!

In Memoriam

J. Cole – Be Free
The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
Michael Jackson – Heal The World
Elle Varner – One Love
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Raheem DeVaughn – My People

The Power of Love

It’s unfortunate that another tragedy would spark me to write and share another blog post.

This weekend, another mass shooting took place in Orlando, Florida inside a gay club. There were 50 victims and 53 injured. Investigators say it’s more of a hate crime. Some speculate that it may be part of a terrorist attack. All I know now is that 50 families are truly impacted, and the spirit of hate seems to be winning.


What does this have to do with my health fitness journey? In order to love each other, you must love yourself first. Invest in yourself regarding your health and live your life! I have to remind myself of this, even when I don’t follow through on good eating habits and consistent workouts. Additionally, having healthy relationships are important. We need to remove ourselves from situations and people that don’t have our best interest at heart.


I just found out this morning that a friend and former colleague was killed back home within the same time frame that 50 people shot and killed in Orlando, FL. I’m truly going to miss him. He was a prime example of living and loving life to the fullest.

Love yourself. If we all do so, love can overcome hate in many circumstances. The songs shared here are dedicated to the memory of my friend, Mr. Dennis Stimpson. You will be missed.


New Vision Onward (An Ode to Change) Memorial Day Weekend Edition


Can’t believe I’m now at my age wearing glasses.
They say it’s because I’m getting older.
The smaller the print, the more challenging it becomes. This is another new journey for me.

I’ve noticed my body frame and know that I must continue to get healthy.
I only have one life to live. May the Creator strengthen me in spirit; in health; in abundance; in relationships; in accomplishing goals.


I thank the Creator for another day to get it right and be grateful for all that’s come my way! Onward…