Surviving the Seven-Year Itch (Anniversary Post)

May 8, 2011: It’s amazing that I actually started writing a blog about my life and my fitness journey seven years ago. Many things have changed: people; jobs; residence. Some of us are no longer physically on this planet. We’re reminded every day of how life is precious.

I started writing this blog on Mother’s Day in honor of my mother, Ms. Catherine Davis Richardson. She was called on by God months after celebrating her 60th birthday on November 9, 2009. What’s so ironic is my paternal grandmother, Vanona Forrest Richardson, was called on by God November 8, 2008. You can tell the month is a mental and emotional challenge for me.

My mother’s passing was a wake-up call for me. It truly hit home of how tomorrow isn’t promised. I just told her about a charity fundraising event that my sorority chapter was preparing for. I remember the last thing I said to her was “I love you, Mamacita!” And she responded, “I love you too!” Little did I know God wanted her to be home sooner than I thought.

Today is May 10, 2018 and I know that in order for me to help others, I must be physically; mentally; financially; and spiritually ready to move onward. I can’t continue to live my life like I have these past seven years. Drastic changes for the better must be made. Excuse me, because I may not be spending time in social media as much, but I’m a work in progress.

This blog post is dedicated in memory of my mother, Catherine Davis Richardson.

Another reason we don’t know the day nor the hour. We’ve had so many people we know or don’t know go before us. Recently, Chef Judson Todd Allen.

Loving the Visions I See

Vision Board 2

I created this vision board about two or three years ago to reflect what I wanted to see for my life.  I believe that I CAN and WILL happen.  During the course of my journey, My vision has changed.

Recently, I keep having these reoccurring dreams and there’s a particular in them. I continue to ask for clarity, wisdom, and discernment because I have been praying and working towards my goals for quite some time.  I do slip and fall short, but I REFUSE to give up.  Pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle CAN be done. I see several examples on a daily basis through family and friends in social media and in real life.  I see other working out on a consistent basis and the eating regimen is consistent as well.  We as women experience these biological changes and it’s one of the reasons why I crave for sweet and salty foods.  I walked three miles this past Friday. I don’t get outside much so this was a treat.  My legs were thinking I mistreated them—I don’t care LOL

10687337_10152909733524267_3716051027390761939_o 10687337_10152909733529267_2296305224332472550_o

I’ve already developed in my mind about the wardrobe I want once I lose the majority of the weight.  I’m grateful that I have health insurance because time is needed to get my checkups done and get back into a workout routine with better eating habits.  A detox is in my future……….

We continue to move forward! I wear my shades and move forward in faith as my visions progress. I’m loving the visions I see!

Vision Board Pic 12142014-page0001

Think of these videos as part of my “Vision Life Soundtrack” LOL

When Reality Hits The Fan (A Catch-up Edition)

What an interesting couple of weeks it has been! I now realize that everything consumed isn’t always accepted by the body. That 10-day detox I was on jumpstarted my goal to truly get myself in better shape!


True case scenario: I completely lost it on yesterday, purchasing fast food. My wallet and my body experienced a “buyer’s remorse.” I know I was in the moment, due to the fact I had a day of meetings. In between those times, I bought the food and use the restaurant’s free Wi-Fi. It seemed as if my body wanted to get rid of the waste IMMEDIATELY!  In my opinion, that’s a good thing! In my 20s and some of my 30s, once I stayed active and ate better, I could do more. As I get older and realize that I have to stay limber and not be complacent with pursuing a healthier lifestyle, THAT is when reality hits the fan!

I haven’t weighed myself since the detox and I’m nervous to see what the numbers look like. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to share the results in next week’s post.

On yesterday, another reality set in: watch where you’re going. I was being a ‘nosey neighbor’ looking through a window in the upper level of the staircase. I missed two steps and fell, losing an earring (this pair I’ve had for 20 years) in the process. It wasn’t a severe fall, but my left ankle was a little sore. I took some OTC (Over the counter) medication and elevated my foot. In addition, a good-ole cold compress was applied. It’s better than yesterday, that’s for sure! At times like this is when reality hits the fan: take good care of yourself! 


I continue to strive to be healthy and not give up! Now to get back to dancing again; that’ll be awesome! Until next time….

In All Things, Give Thanks

So what does the title of this week’s blog post have to do with my fitness journey?  A LOT!

On last week (1/12), I mentioned that I began a 10-day detox and try to incorporate more exercise in my workout routine. I’m still on the detox; I missed one night due to being out and spending time with my family. However, I managed to maintain most of my willpower. First, I was offered a juice and some chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t touch the juice until the next day, and I only ate two of the mini-cookies in the bag. Previously, I would habitually get a doughnut for breakfast along with a coffee,  tea, or hot apple cider (if served at the kiosk). I can honestly say that I avoided that this past week and trying to condition myself not to fall into bad habits.



So far, I’ve been bringing my own smoothies to work or a protein replacement meal. I make sure that I take my vitamins as well and drink more water. I’ve managed to get a 2-mile walk in to the local 7-Eleven as an ‘excuse’ to get my cardio in. I definitely worked up a sweat in 32-degree temperatures!




I had a setback on last night because I forgot to take my detox with me while going to a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) then to visit family who were in town for a few days. Little did I know I would be eating while in fellowship and in a game of Pokeno LOL!



I’m about seven months away from becoming the next number in my life. I want and need to do better! Even though a boulder is in my way, like A Tribe Called Quest says “I push it along!” Here’s to continuing the fitness journey and regardless of the boulders that TRY to block your way, in ALL things, give thanks!


Trust and Believe (2014)

I realize this is my first blog post for the year 2014!


After observing others who are pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, I have decided to make a ‘dent’ in my journey. Starting today, I will begin my 10-day detox and I bought healthier food items for the fridge.




Life isn’t without challenges and we go through them. We get through them. I’m determined to not allow anything deter me from looking and feeling my best. This year, God willing, I will have a 45th Birthday! I have to be about my best!

I had cereal, an apple, and green tea for breakfast. I snacked on Veggie chips and water, along with a couple of dark chocolate almonds. So far, so good. I’ll get to my daily workout plan this week as well!

On January 11, 2008, I moved from home to Washington, DC for graduate school and potential employment opportunities. For me, it was a huge move because I never lived anywhere else. I’ve seen my weight fluctuate over six years and it’s way overdue that I do something about it and be proactive!  I’m blessed because my grateful moments on my journey outnumber my trials. I’ve met people in social media and in real life; some of them have become friends. I’ve also been able to travel a little, more than I did when I lived at home. If I can do this, surely I can handle a healthier me! I need to rebuild my ‘temple’ for a better me! Trust and believe it will be done!


For the past week, I’m hearing an overall theme of trust, faith, and walking in the light. Today was the feast day of the Baptism of the Lord. Think about it..Jesus wanted his cousin John the Baptist to baptize him in order for scriptures to be fulfilled. That’s some awesome trust and faith in God! I’m reminded more than ever to trust him to fight my battles. Rebuilding my temple will take work and faith. I just can’t sit around and use mental telepathy to lose 30 pounds or more from my body! Not gonna happen! Trust and believe, this journey is NOT a game and I declare victory in all I face!

Trying Something Different

If you’ve followed my blog recently, I mentioned that I’ve been commuting with public transit due to my car being down and it has to pass safety inspection. In the meantime, this is used as cardio. I hope to lose some weight doing this.

Dealing with my own personal challenges,  I’m still motivated to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Is the journey easy? No. Will I feel better with a more consistent routine? Yes. Will it happen overnight?  Absolutely not! Now I have to turn it up a notch.

I’m getting back of incorporating a strength training routine and my commute to work and other places on public transit. I started using this product a week ago. I can’t tell yet but I’ve received a few compliments about ‘slimming down’. It’s a combination of my cardio; watching what I eat; drinking more water. One thing about this product: it makes me go the bathroom more than usual, so I guess I’m ridding my body of stuff I don’t need LOL!!

Today, I saw the “Insanity” Workout that some people I know in social media are using right now. I’ve heard so much about it. Will I do it? Only time will tell. I still want to get the NutriBullet blender so I can make better juices and be down with #TeamBullet LOL!!

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. I know it’s been said “Never do the same thing and expect different results.” I’ll continue to press on!