About MissAnn

Who IS MissAnn368?

I am a single woman who wants to make a difference in the world.  It’s one of the positive character traits of a Virgo.

My membership affiliations are with fraternal, civic, religious, and professional organizations (and they ALL keep me busy). Of course, I do make time for my hobbies: reading, journal writing, community service, attending cultural events and music.

I live and work in the Washington DC area—by way of Alabama. It’s been an interesting journey so far living near the nation’s capital.  You can never escape a conversation that will have politics as part of the discussion.

My name is a combination of things: 1) Ann is my middle name that I share with one of my aunts; 2) When my mother was around, if she even thought I was getting “beyond my britches” or “sassy” with her, her voice would elevate as a warning “Oh, ok Miss Ann”! Of course, I am aware of the historical connotations associated with this name as well:

Miss Ann – a noun. 1. A woman of European descent who runs a household which employs female workers of African descent to perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. These tasks are usually household but are not confined to that category in all cases. 2. As in; ” I gotta go clean Miss Ann’s house” or “She think she a Miss Ann”. [Definition provided by http://www.lightessencedesign.com/art/miss_ann.htm]

The number 368 is in reference to supporting a musical artist and I enjoy his work.  His name is Raheem DeVaughn and his music group includes the number 368.

I finally decided to post my own blog to share my story and my journey of promoting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe others might be compelled to share, comment, and/or join in my journey.  This part of my journey was LONG overdue.

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