Get It Together & Live Your Life

I sit here reflecting on life: what I need to do; what I want to do; how to make it happen.

On Sunday (10/22) we received word about the passing of someone we knew. It was so unexpected and so sudden. The day before, we were talking and laughing among ourselves. Later that afternoon, he had a heart attack and the ambulance immediately called. You never know how much time a person has on Earth.

Now back to me. After my round of medical appointments and blood work, I am diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. I could kick myself in the rear, because I wanted to NOT become the next family statistic. I need to get it together in every aspect of my life. Things are shifting and I don’t know what will happen next. All I know that it starts with me and I have to start somewhere. I know I TRULY have to watch what I eat. Incorporate more exercise. Take my vitamins. Lives are precious and health is wealth.

Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now