I Need a Recharge…Seriously

Ever feel that you’ve given a lot of your energy to activities, work, and other things that don’t necessarily deal with self-care?  This is one of those moments.


I had someone to tell me recently that “You look older”.  Honestly, I enjoy working with organizations and getting an opportunity to meet people.  But when you’re being pulled in different directions, it wears on you.  Hard to believe that I’m three years away from the big 5-0.  Some people can’t say that.


I’m realizing that I’m gonna have to do a flip on the script like a political party and use the word “NO” a lot.  As a Virgo, I enjoy my fortress of solitude.  I haven’t written in my blog in the past couple of months; fell off the wayside due to becoming more involved.  I’m seeing so much evidence of the phrase “life is too short.”  We’ve had so many people in the public eye and many others who are no longer with us.  Some of us are truly waiting for December 31, 2016.


I’m a living witness to continue to say “Health is wealth.”  I’ve seen many of my generation end up in the hospital; surviving diseases and disorders for decades.  In the next few weeks, I am making my self-care as my priority.  Right now, it’s time for me to shut it down for the night.  I’m looking forward to doing me! #Namaste