How Many More Reminders? (An Ode to Life – off the top)

How many more reminders do we need…about how life is precious and we all have a purpose?

How many more reminders must we see of people who look like me are being taken away from this Earth for no reason? And that it’s a HUMAN problem?!?!

How many more reminders must we see that our health is important and we MUST be proactive in being able to continue to serve our purpose? Many of our elders in this life and the next–and many of the next generation–are counting on us. 

How many more reminders must we see that celebrating degradation of other human beings; ignorance; money and power; DOES have an impact on our psyche?!?!

How many more reminders must we see that NOT taking care of the Earth hurts the human race in the long run?

How many more reminders must we realize that there are others who have lost the will to live and feel like there’s no hope for them? LISTEN! Be an ear to those who haven’t been heard. Be the voice to those who feel they have no voice! 

I struggle at times, but I will rise and be an example that improving your health is a wonderful moment. Let your “healthy light”  shine!

In Memoriam

J. Cole – Be Free
The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
Michael Jackson – Heal The World
Elle Varner – One Love
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Raheem DeVaughn – My People