For The Love of Music

You’re thinking what would this have to do with my health fitness journey? My brother can testify that music was in our house 24/7/365. Saturday was officially the “Cleaning Day” and the hi-fi stereo would play 33, 45, and 78-sized vinyl records. As I got older, music HAD to be part of my daily commute, whether driving or using public transportation. And I couldn’t wait to prepare a workout playlist! When I took Zumba and Beginning Belly dance classes, it didn’t make it seem like a workout. It was just something fun to do.


The world has recently lost a really good “parent of music.” I’m still in shock. We all are. Those who are true fans know of his work and the impact it made. DO WE NEED ANY MORE REMINDERS OF HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS?!?! We as human beings can’t continue our lives as we know it. Even the late Michael Jackson said it best with the song “Man in the Mirror.”

I’m starting with the Man in the mirror
I’m asking him to make a change…
…If you want to make the world a better place, just look at yourself and make a change.

No powerful words have ever been spoken. I took the train from one Station to another then walked the rest of the way to my destination this afternoon. It was a good excuse to get my 20 minutes of cardio in. It was strongly suggested by my primary care provider to do this 3 times a week to lower my cholesterol. Now I have a new journey in getting prescription eyeglasses. I’ve never had to wear them until now. Once I get them, you’ll see me in a picture with them.


Saturday was the first one in a while that I didn’t have a meeting or run errands. Those don’t come by easily lol. I spent most of the day at home; did some chores; walked to the nearby Dollar General (yes, walked). I do my best.

Since I haven’t been able to stop playing this artist’s music, you know these songs will be shared in this post.

May u live 2 c the dawn…


In memory of Prince Rogers Nelson
June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016

The Cross –

Prince & The Revolution (We Are The World soundtrack) – 4 The Tears in Your Eyes –

Sign of The Times –

Breakfast Can Wait –

NFL SuperBowl Halftime Show –


Gotta Start Somewhere. Step By Step We’ll Get There.


I made it my business to start up again. When a family friend asked me the question “Where are you going?” I responded, “Getting back to pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.”

Regaining that mindset isn’t easy. You’ve heard that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. You have to decide which one will it would be: for the better or for the worse. I know that I’ve slipped in my health fitness journey. I’m going to get my mindset back and then some. The summer months and beyond are coming close.

What’s the use for Apple cider vinegar? I put a couple of tablespoons with my water and might add a splash of fresh lemon juice; detox. I needed this like last year! There are several resources out there for the use of Apple cider vinegar: health and cleaning.

I gotta start somewhere. Step by step we’ll get there!

I Want That Old Thing Back (Having a Stella Moment)

Jay-Z said it best with the song “I Know”:  “She want that old thing back!”  I truly miss the “Me” that’s in the picture who lost weight and gained more confidence.  I lost my way during this health fitness journey in feeding my fears and getting off track.  wpid-wp-1433123281299.jpeg

I continue to view others as they make progress.  I allowed obstacles to hold me back and I can no longer do so.  I’m saying this even after I’ve had a couple of slices of pizza.  Healthy eating and exercise are key to progression for a healthy lifestyle. That hasn’t changed one bit. Health IS wealth!  I enjoyed a healthy meal at Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch. I’ve passed by several locations and never ate there.  I was grateful that one of my co-workers  suggested it to me.  I had a shrimp kabob with a side salad and brown rice.  Eating healthy without feeling guilty.

shrimp kabob salad

I’ll be approaching a new age in a few months.  If Elise Neal can do it, so can I! She JUST celebrated her 50th Birthday….WHOA!

Elise Neal 50th Birthday.png

I need a treadmill; a 1000-watt blender; my good resistance bands; jump rope….all this!

You KNOW my music selection is gonna be crazy for this post, right? Right?!?!






How Many Reminders?!?! (Catch-Up Edition)

I sit back and reflect on “My soul looks back and wonder how I got over.”

The past couple of weeks have been exhausting. I know my energy levels have dropped because of lack of rest and an appropriate diet.  At the moment, I’m still recuperating from rehearsal nights in the music ministry; preparing for liturgical celebrations. I told people they could catch me after 2:00pm on Sunday; I’ll be able to exhale then lol.

I took a Mental Health Day and made some doctor appointments. I needed to check on my health. I’ve had TOO MANY REMINDERS of how life is precious, especially with men.


I COMPLETELY agree with this post I recently saw on Instagram. I’m still torn up about Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest.  He was a year younger than me and died from complications of diabetes. This disease is prevalent in my immediate family. I’m grateful that I haven’t been diagnosed with it or high blood pressure. The Men listed in the tweet are MY GENERATION!!! TOO YOUNG!!!! What if they were still walking this Earth? The possibilities of how their lives would turn out; still impacting music…

I gotta start somewhere. I’m looking at my resistance bands right now. They need to be put to use…SOON!!! I also need a new pair of walking shoes and another pair to wear for other days. Right now, IRS needs to hurry up with the processing lol. I continue to press on and to keep my health in a better status.  The mood I’m in right now, especially with this post, one song reflects it….