When A Life Lesson Is Before You

I woke up this morning to some sad news. Another artist of my generation who inspired real music connoisseurs like me to appreciate real hip hop music, passed away. As the saying goes, “Give me my flowers while I’m still here.” Don’t we get it? Life IS precious!


I had prolonged my health fitness journey, going on-and-off the wagon. Just recently, I had my annual physical with a new primary care provider. I’m taking time with a day of doctor appointments soon (next week) and claiming it to be my “Mental Health Day.”  I need to be selfish for a while.  In spite of my journey, I need to take care of myself. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. There are too many daily reminders to NOT know.


I look forward to the challenges ahead. I’m grateful to see them! Some people can’t say that today. Just be grateful. There’s only 1 YOU.

NOTE: This blog post is in honor of Mr. Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor, member of A Tribe Called Quest. His physical presence is missed, but his contribution to the group and to Hip Hop music lives on. Rest in peace with The Creator.







Gotta PUSH IT!

This is one of those moments when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m getting my health back in order. It’s so needed!

I continue to watch what I eat. When the funds are low, it’s difficult at times to get what’s healthy. I look forward to getting back into “green smoothie” mode and look and feel better for the summer. Not just for the summer season, but I want to set an example that it CAN be done!


There have been times where I’ve had to walk instead of catch the bus. I want to get back to the size I had before moving eight years ago. The meal I had about a couple of weeks ago out with an alumna was so good, but I can’t continue to consume plates like this:


And sorry, I don’t ride Ferris wheels…


I need to get this “house” in order!

My music selection is going to be interesting…