Challenges… They WILL Pass

Getting adjusted to my new schedule for the past three weeks. It’s going on week four and I notice changes when you’re used to a specific routine. Health is wealth–a mantra I continue to say to myself. More walking and slowly getting back to a better way of eating. I haven’t forgotten this journey I committed to.


I’ll be grateful when things come to fruition and I’ll be able to say it was all worth it. I’m grateful in the here and now. Weather has been constantly changing from a “Summer in November” to an actual fall season. So many things have happened. I continue to look forward to the journey

Guess I had a Sly and The Family Stone moment Lol.

This grid is in acknowledgement of all the situations going on in our world today.



Technology.. Gotta Love It When You Want To Share

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve dealt with some changes in my journey. This has been the first time in a while that I’ve been able to post on my blog due to technical issues. Overall, I’m truly grateful for the recent changes. It’s another part of my journey that I’ll be able to share.

I started a new job and so far so good. The environment seems positive and everyone that I’ve met say I’m being trained by really good people. In addition, my commute has changed slightly, which still allows me to walk. I try to take advantage of the weekend and be more productive in my fitness journey. The pursuit hasn’t stopped. I still watch what I eat. However, there have been times I’ve fallen short lol.

Gotta love technology when you want to share. When you least expect it, some things won’t cooperate. I didn’t “blow a fuse” this time; patience is definitely a virtue.