Never Take Life For Granted (A Reminder)

It’s a fact that when you gain wisdom, your body will let you know. I notice at times when I walk that my stride is not as large, being that I’m 5’2″ tall. In addition, is it my imagination or do people seem to be more in a hurry these days?


Consistency is the key when it comes to pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I’ve previously mentioned that I commute more with public transportation. It’s an advantage living in the area. Now if I can get my upper body strength and my eating habits back to where they need to be…

Several people I know have recently passed, and I’ve said before, never take life for granted. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us and we need to take advantage of each day that’s awarded to us. In order to do what you’ve been blessed to do, why not be in better health?

As I continue to reflect and go through this journey, remember that life is a gift, and it’s called a present.


If You Only Knew (Random Speak)

For inspiration and reflection:

The journey of life. It’s amazing what a human being can go through to see when their faith and confidence are tested. Your growth and development say one thing; society says another. You are stronger and more resilient than you may think you are. If you only knew…

Health is wealth, as It’s been said numerous times. Never take ANY day for granted. As you get older and wiser, your body requires more rest than the day before. Keep moving; get those physicals; workouts can be fun and not FEEL like a workout. Eating healthy isn’t a daunting task but you eat to live and not the other way around. I just celebrated my 46th birthday. There are people who I know that have a family member; a friend; a colleague; a mutual friend; someone in social media—they are no longer with us. Makes me appreciate each day with gratefulness. If you only knew….

Society doesn’t define who I am. I AM knowledge; caring; energy; motivation; faith. One day, I’ll be blessed to share my essence with someone else and my story with others, the way it is intended to be shared. My ancestors are a knowledgeable, proud people. They are royalty and are about family. The gifts bestowed upon them continue to be shared and we remember, lest we forget, the triumphs and trials they went through. If you only knew….

I live so others can benefit from example. No one can share a testimony without a test or teach others without learning the lesson yourself. We all have a purpose in this life. It’s a joy to find out what the purpose truly is. If you only knew…..

I’ve come this far in life by faith. I live and learn. When some thought I wouldn’t make it. The lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn; I will NOT give up. I REFUSE. At times, I don’t look like what I’ve been through. If you only knew…

Live. Laugh. Grow. Learn. Love.



Working and Stretching The Vision (Catch-Up Edition)

These past few weeks have made me realize more how precious life is, and to live each day with an expectation that something great will happen.


I am still celebrating my birthday; grateful to see 46 years and hope to see many more. I continue to walk; monitor eating habits; and will make more health appointments soon. Again, I have friends (in real life and in social media) and loved ones who are experiencing bereavement through natural causes or senseless violence. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us so we can live life and stay connected with others who have enhanced our lives.

There’s a continuing vision that appears to me every single day. I will stretch it and work it until I can’t any longer. It’s so real. Why should we allow others to take us off course with their negativity; fear; lack of encouragement. As the song goes, “What God has for me, it is for me.”

I will see a positive change in my health and current circumstances. The vision is clear. Initially, you may not see how you’ll get there, but know you have the tools needed. Once you get to your destination, you’ll be able to share your journey of how your vision came to fruition.

Got vision? Even the one who’s sight was restored by the Lord was still blind to a degree. The naysayers tried to put the blame on his parents. What?!?! The blind man had to get out of his comfort zone to walk in the light. Got vision? Get it; dust it off. Let’s reflect, pray on it, and put it to work!