Encouraging Words Are Good for The Soul

This past Friday, you couldn’t tell me nothing after the compliments I received when I posted a picture in social media. I was promoting my favorite online radio station before heading out to enjoy an evening with friends. It even took me to see a difference for a moment, but the changes made in eating habits and getting enough cardio in at times seems to be paying off. Encouragement goes a long way! Or maybe it’s because I’m wearing all black lol.


I’m looking forward to getting my arms and abs in better shape. Of course I would like to be in better health overall. There’s so much that I would like to do and as I’ve said in previous blog posts, “Health is wealth” and “Abs are made in the kitchen.” I’ve been experimenting with new items to cook for lunch or dinner. I still make and drink green smoothies and continue to monitor my sodium. Getting away from fast food, even though some are changing their menus to add ‘healthier choices’. Nothing tastes better than fresh food!


I appreciate the encouragement in social media. That keeps me motivated to continue this journey and to see others reach their goals in pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


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So after sharing this post, I’m feeling myself. Careful if you play the videos louder than normal Lol

BEYONCÉ – FLAWLESS [ LYRIC VIDEO ]: https://youtu.be/17hPCHLMpyM

This is when I really liked Kanye’s work. Nowadays, I’ll leave it at that..

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing: https://youtu.be/E58qLXBfLrs

Cool – The Time (1981): https://youtu.be/oNCN1Qx_Myw

Janelle Monáe – Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Erykah Badu [Official Video]: https://youtu.be/tEddixS-UoU


Break My Stride? NOT!!!

I may fall but I’ll sure as heck will get up!


We FINALLY got a break from the snow and ice so I take advantage of the days in which I can get outside and walk for cardio. Today IS that day! This is the first week of Spring. Ironically on Friday, March 20th, we were welcomed with snow and ice that didn’t stick. It was a blessing to be able to sweep the snow off the car and get to my destination without interruption. At times, you just gotta be able to enjoy life while you’re accomplishing goals.


I’ve been working out inside and walk on the days that I don’t see snow, ice, or rain. Windy days, that’s another story. I can’t fight those Lol. Recently, I inflated my stability ball; my lower body got a workout to house music Lol. In addition, I cooked a West African Peanut Stew for the first time. It was delicious! There’s another recipe that calls for chicken but since this one had no meat, I took a chance and made it. This one made 4-6 servings so I had to freeze the remaining stew. I used brown rice instead of white and Mrs. Dash instead of salt.


I am making some more changes during my journey to become a healthier human being. It isn’t easy but the rewards are phenomenal. When you’ve set your mind on something to accomplish and continue to stay focused, ANYTHING is possible!


Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride: https://youtu.be/sLE_emfAd74

The Rewards of Eating Healthy (Catch-Up Edition)

As the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Trust and believe when I say that I see weekly inspirations in all of my social media networks regarding that statement. I see others who continue to motivate me on my journey to better health.


For the past couple of weeks, I noticed that my water intake decreased so I need to continue to drink more water. I’m hooked on a specific brand of detox tea and I made a type of detox juice with a beetroot. I’ve NEVER eaten one but it was blended with spinach; carrots; celery and apple. Let’s just say that I had a very good flush during that week.

The detox tea that I like is made by Yogi which is not only good, but they have inspirational quotes on the teabag. I share them in social media and read them every day. The key is having the supply of teabags.


I did a 3.6-mile walk on last Wednesday that had my legs and feet on fire Lol. This was the first time in a while we’ve been able to actually walk on sidewalks due to the ice and snow covering them. I also found my hip scarf and two videos in my archives for bellydancing–25 minutes of cardio. In terms of eating, I enjoy cooking healthy. It takes time to prepare the ingredients but it’s so worth it! I don’t feel guilty. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen short, but overall the meals and snacks have been healthy.


Yesterday, I cooked kale and added carrots and seasoned it with oregano, Mrs. Dash, and Italian seasoning. I avoid putting salt on my food; continuing to watch my blood pressure. I also continue to monitor my sleeping patterns and work on staying the course.

I’ve received some blessings this past week. Let’s see what else happens on this journey…


I HAD to post a moment of laughter in
this blog post that was shared on an online radio show called “SPIRITUAL SENSE WITH SHAY” on VUSICLIVE. I listen to the show every Sunday before I prepare to go to church. This is my laugh for today and I share it with you. Thank you Shay L. Askew for this moment! She’s on Facebook at Shay L. Askew; @shaylaskew on Twitter and Instagram.

Darius Williams Comedy: https://youtu.be/woV2_5LS4G4

Another Shameless plug: The one place I go for real music; real DJs and real talk:



Live Life To The Fullest

In my blog post last week, I announced that I lost five pounds from the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Well, I gained 1 pound back SMH. As I also said, this journey don’t stop!


Right now, I’m still recuperating from a 45-minute walk I did today. The sidewalks are more treacherous today with the ice than the icy roads of yesterday. I almost slipped on some ice. This area hasn’t completely recovered from the previous advisories of snow, rain, and sleet.  The sidewalks aren’t completely cleared of ice. My lower body got a workout today!

I was able to scratch things off my wish list and I’m determined to move forward. In faith, things will move into place. One of the many blessings I enjoyed last week was to serve others in a community service project, then have dinner with a friend who was in town. The meal was delicious and it’s one of those rare moments for me!


Putting my trust in the Most High along with action, things will move! I keep moving!

Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin’: http://youtu.be/1iQl46-zIcM

Mya – Movin’ On: http://youtu.be/NKi1euGIYqg