Still On The Journey

I had another opportunity to walk without music and I was challenged to dig deeper.


I had no music; radio nor phones to carry. Just my keys and my sunglasses. It was a beautiful day and the picture above was previously taken at another time. Several thoughts were coming to mind:
–thinking about current events
–things I could do to further my journey
–thoughts of family and friends
–excited to get ice cream

Another accomplishment is that I walked 2, 842 steps within 90 minutes! I worked up a sweat so in the shower I went!


I became more aware of what I was thinking. I envisioned what it would be like to be 40 pounds lighter by March 20, 2015. I need to step it up. I went to Whole Foods today to get some Kombucha tea and a couple of other items . It was good that I several bottles of water from a family gathering this past Sunday (the food was good LOL)


I started a 24-Day Abs Workout Challenge that I am following and it’s been THAT challenge! I had to modify my planks. When my legs strengthen, I’ll be able to do a true plank.

I’m so looking forward to the new ME and it’s going to be fantastic!


During my walks, I spent time in THIS mood! I’ve been feeling this way for a while. One day, I’ll truly experience it…..


(1994) CeCe Peniston – Hit By Love (Classic Dub):

Marsha Ambrosius   Spend All My Time Ft  Charlie …:

Mint Condition – Believe In Us:


Up To The Challenge

This particular challenge did not require a stunt nor any ice buckets being poured on me. I was glad to take it on, and it forces me to become more aware.


I was asked to walk WITHOUT music. Now most of you who follow and read my blog know that I MUST HAVE MUSIC available! I’ve also shared with others the statement “Without God and music, I cease to exist.” So, on Saturday, October 18, 2014, I took a 50-minute walk around the neighborhood; no music, no phone. Just my keys, sunglasses, and my water bottle. Here are several things I noticed during my walk:

–I made sure to stretch before and after my walk.
–Two young ladies who were walking on the same sidewalk from the opposite direction, didn’t even allow me to pass. They took the ENTIRE sidewalk and I ended up walking in dirt for a couple of seconds (lack of good manners).
–Several sirens going off (EMS and a fire truck)
–A beautiful day and a little cool; a breeze was blowing and the leaves were enjoying the ride.
–A couple of boarded-up or vacant houses. I need to do research.
–The main street to a certain degree doesn’t have a sidewalk on both sides of the street.
–Pleasant smells of leaves; a breeze–nothing more
–Birds flying in patterns
–I was dreaming about my future husband and what he would be like.
–I worked up a sweat.
–Some drivers have the LEAST amount of patience if you’re not paying attention to the traffic lights. They’ll honk at you!


I’ll refer to this challenge as a “mindfulness exercise” or an “ethnographic exercise with the mind”. It’s not that I didn’t feel aware before with the music, but I had to really observe what was going on. I’ll try this again if it’s not raining. It’s actually fun.
In addition, I made 2, 515 steps in 50 minutes!


Since I was challenged not to listen to music, for this post, I won’t post any music links. Keep pushing and move forward in faith!

The Essence of Me


For the past week, I’ve been inspired and continue to be inspired with recent events.

I attended a revival and participated in the music minie for three of the four days. My eating habits were fluctuating, due to the fact I had smoothies and my share of junk food. On one of the days, I was rushing to get to another part of town so I stopped at a fast-food restaurant *gasp*. I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t go to them. You fall, you get back up. I noticed that I gained a pound during this time too…YIKES


I still drink my water and have my share of herbal peppermint tea. I worked out for 90 minutes on “Workout Thursdays” with The Breakfast Club on Vusiclive ( . I remembered to stretch before and after the workout, so I didn’t feel sore afterwards.


I continue to find out new things about myself when I least expect it. Potential opportunities have been presented to me and I look forward to see where this journey will take me. I contribute this “Aha moment” to the Essence of ME:

Knowledge – I enjoy reading and viewing history and music. I’m grateful to God for these gifts. As I’ve said once before, without God and music I cease to exist.

Care – I have a genuine care for others and I want to see other people succeed.

Motivation – I share and I listen to things that motivate me: music; inspirational quotes; talking with supportive people.

Energy – As I go through this journey, when consistent, I’m able to accomplish many goals.

Faith – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13)

Dr. Mattie Moss Clark – I Can Do All Things Throu…:

There is no elevator to success.  You have to take the stairs.

Special shout-out to MY team, The DALLAS COWBOYS (5-1)


The Bus Boys – The Boys Are Back In Town:

We Dem Boyz – Dallas Cowboys:

I’m Moving Forward!


I can seriously identify with this statement by my Soror. I have a renewed spirit in continuing to think positive thoughts, in spite of what goes on around me.

The cause of my ‘new’ thought process begins with finding out about self and what others say about me in a positive light. This journey has been an interesting one, and I envision my health to be a better state. I downloaded an app to help me to drink more water. I use lime and lemon juice along with cucumber to make a natural detox. I’ve had more than my share of restroom breaks. I have to drink 95.2oz of water each day according to my current weight. We’ll see how this will go.


I also went to a workshop this past week on staying positive. I was inspired after attending to be consistent in positive thinking and go further in my journey. This definitely applies to my pursuit and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t made a stop to ANY fast-food place this past week! However, First Friday consisted of fried fish and it was so good! I also had a homegoing service to serve in. The food served at the repast was so good! Today, I broke down and went to 7-Eleven. I was in a hurry to get something before going to church. I continue to drink my water and will live to see another day to be given another chance.


I’m actually in a much better mood mentally. It’s been previously said, “Change your outlook, change your outcome.” It forces me to do better, and I stop negative thoughts from getting in my head. My health will improve and I WILL win! I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life!


Ricky Dillard – Higher ****LYRICS IN DESCRIPTION*…:

This album has become a motivator for me; one song in particular – “It’s A Blessing” Dr. Patrick Bradley and the Westside Baptist Chur…: 

Earth Wind & Fire – Be Ever Wonderful (1977) HQSo…: