People often assume that as a white female, I don’t have to deal with racism. And they’re right — I don’t.

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Somebody recently told me that this picture, originally part of the #ITooAmWakeForest campaign (which you can find here:, was incorporated into an article somebody published on the website Total Sorority Move. I wasn’t able to track down the article myself, so it’s possible that it was moved or deleted. The sign I’m holding in the picture reads, “I’ve been asked: ‘Are you a transfer?’ ‘Are you albino?’ ‘Are you lonely?’ Because it’s ‘crazy’ I would want to join a black sorority instead of a white one.” Yes, I have really been asked those things at Wake Forest.

A year and a half after crossing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in spring 2013, it still strikes me as odd how much fascination and interest is generated simply by my membership in a historically black sorority. I knew long before I joined that I would receive a wide variety of responses…

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Get it Done or Not At All!

Yoda Do

I am NOW reminded that I need to DO this! Enough talk!

I am happy and proud of family and friends in social media and in real life who are continuing to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  It’s TRULY time for me to continue to the journey and DO IT!

I have some current challenges in my life but it shouldn’t prevent me from getting my health in a better status.  One of my friends who uses the myfitnesspal app called me out today.  I had to respond. I appreciated him looking out for me, so I started recording my food intake.  I didn’t work out, but I’m determined to get up early in the morning and walk around.  I’ll take pictures to prove it.  I miss being outside when weather permits with music in my ears; taking advantage of admiring what God created and not thinking that it’s a workout.  That’s when I do my best: using music–gotta have it! WIN_20140920_204405I’ve had my bouts of healthy eating and definitely my share of junk.  I’m sitting here typing this blog post, drinking green tea (after having some Chips Ahoy Cookies and some French Onion Pringles). A lot of women would know right now what I’m going through; it’s a biological thing LOL.  My goal is to lose 40 pounds. I looked at my stomach (thumbs down).

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As it’s been said: “Abs are made in the kitchen.” So to change my thought process and get it on a consistent track, I WILL lose 40 pounds by March 31, 2015; I WILL break through and continue sharing my journey; I WILL change my eating habits and get medical appointments scheduled! The body you see below MUST change for the better!

focusquote 10656487_10152680899284267_360754142_n

Since I’m not at my physical best right, I’ll work out a little with these.  Until the next time…….


My music selections may be a little extreme for some readers (DISCLAIMER)….

Shout out to the Vusiclive/Breakfast Club fam for the last ones (LOL)

Bad To The Bone

As of September 7, 2014, I made a commitment to get back on track with pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I’ve noticed more changes in my body as I get older. Your health can’t be put off. You have to take care of yourself. I’m taking my own advice.


I am honestly tired of seeing swollen ankles at night due to circulation. These changes couldn’t have come at a better time. I need to revisit my podiatrist and find a new primary physician. Wearing compression wear and not being able to wear sandals during the summer is annoying. I didn’t reach my goal of losing 20lbs by my 45th birthday. This doesn’t stop me from continuing to get fit. I’ve fallen off track….literally. Too much junk and not enough balance of fruit and vegetables. There were moments that I had an awesome time with healthy meals; the same with unhealthy treats. I celebrated my birthday from 8/27 up until Labor Day. No barbecue or house invites for me during the holiday so I was by myself; enjoying a free entreé at a restaurant as a birthday reward. It was salmon with broccoli and brown rice. No alcohol – only water. And that’s another thing that I’ll stop consuming for a while. Empty calories I don’t need!

This was definitely a short blog post this week. Keep following and reading. Let’s see if I’ll stick with it and be consistent.


George Thorogood And The Destroyers – Bad To The …:

Bad girls – Donna Summer (1979):

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Don’t Give Up! Keep Pressing On!

I’ve been hearing this mantra for the past couple of weeks. At times you just want to throw in the towel because of the challenges you face. When it comes to your overall health, you CAN’T quit!


I just celebrated my 45th birthday and in my own way, I went all out! I went to a charity event and met one of my social media friends in person; we had been communicating for over three years. I also attended workshops to enhance my skills set and seeing where my journey takes me. Lastly, I redeemed free gifts such as a cupcake; a free entreé at a restaurant and will hopefully get my coffee while waiting on a new Starbucks card (I lost mine).


In addition,  I attended a wedding of a friend who is now officially a wife. I had so much fun! Now my hips are still recuperating because I danced so much at the reception LOL


I went to a jazz supper club to see one of my sorority sisters perform there for the first time. One her songs was “Press On” and she was moved to tell us ‘Don’t give up.” I guess God is really trying to.tell me something and I need to listen. One of my social media friends noticed I hadn’t been on myfitnesspal in a while. Just asking me lets me know that I haf someone in my corner checking on me. My exercise and recording my food was consistent. I’ve been away for the past couple of months due to so many changes. I fall short of the glory of God but I REFUSE to give up. It’s crucial that I take better care of myself. I’ll continue to move forward in faith and ‘press on.’

Ledisi – Happy Feelings (An All-star Tribute To M…:

Bishop Marvin Winans sings “I Feel Like Going On”: