“We’ll See What We Shall See”

This week’s blog post title was a statement that my maternal grandmother used to say if someone tried to predict the outcome of a situation. Then that’s when she’ll say, “We’ll see what we shall see.”

As of today, another chapter in my life is officially closed. After six years and two different locations, today was my last day on the job. The timing of it is something else, but the closer I got to the day, I became more excited thinking of possibilities of a better journey for me. When one door closes, another door opens: “We’ll see what we shall see.”


I’ve been having dreams and visions about what CAN happen lately. I envision myself 10-15 pounds lighter and reaching my birthday milestone next month. Remember how I began this blogging journey: sharing my experience of trying to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle. For the past week, I was NO good due to being at a family reunion. There was too much good food! I enjoyed it but it comes a time when you realize that you must continue the journey for better health. “We’ll see what we shall see…”



I did manage to work out during the time I was at my family reunion, but I overextended myself and pulled a muscle in my back: that was the end of working out for me. I had to recover. I was better by Sunday night, but I made sure to take it easy. Being around my family gave me a renewed strength to continue. Who knows what God has in store for me?

We’ll see what we shall see.”

O’Jays   Family reunion: http://youtu.be/wzySBAKrta8

George Benson-Family Reunion (SAXTRIBUTION): http://youtu.be/YJofBD2L4aU

Mary J. Blige – Just Fine: http://youtu.be/G6ZjBPXSmnE

Janelle Monae – Letting Go [Live in Atlanta]: http://youtu.be/o2mLS56eWvg


Life & Good Health Is Worth Celebrating! (Special Birthday Edition)

I was thinking long and hard of how to address this week’s blog post. Today–this very date–is special indeed! First, I had to serve in the music ministry as a cantor. There were only two of us along with our director in the music ministry. Most of us music ministers plan our vacations during the summer. We’re in full ministry/performance mode from November to June. I realize as I get older how rest and keeping yourself in good health is important. I need a vacation from myself—soon! Lol!


It’s ironic that another person I know wrote music to this exact same Psalm but never published it. It’s a beautiful song, written in the spirit! Most of the scriptures I’ve read or have been referred to relate to the goodness and mercy of God’s grace—praising him in ALL circumstances! 


It’s with deep reflection and celebration of this particular blog post that I honor my mother’s life. Today, July 6th, would’ve been her 65th Birthday. Those who follow and read my blog know that she was and is the inspiration to share my health fitness journey; to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Yes, I’ve stumbled and fell short, but the key thing to remember is to get back up and remember the cause–the results you want to seek. I started this blog May 8, 2011 and just had my third-year anniversary. Day by day, I continue to do better with my eating habits and get as much exercise in as I can.



I’m looking forward to this week since it’ll be a short work week for me. I am going to stay committed to get a workout in, even when I eat LOL!

In celebrating life and good health,  I am having a healthy meal. I don’t get to cook as much as I’d like to but I would love to get into the habit again—especially when it’s healthy food. Happy Birthday to anyone else celebrating today…#Bonappetit


Praise Him In Advance – Marvin Sapp: http://youtu.be/PvganA6nrf0

Madonna-Holiday: http://youtu.be/0X7RyGBq2E8

We remember “The Poet”…….
Bobby Womack –  Across 110th Street: http://youtu.be/KtzRJgZG98I

My mother LOVED this artist and this song!

Heavy D & The Boyz – Nuttin’ But Love: http://youtu.be/VJEbfeG2oAE