I Expect The Great in Faith & Encouragement


How ironic that I was listening to an online show on Vusiclive entitled “SPIRITUAL SENSE WITH SHAY” and the focus was on overcoming adversity and obstacles that take us away from our true focus: the purpose that God wants us to get to in order to be with him and be an example to others. What you see is my daily “God’s Message” that I receive via Facebook. That’s the only app I deal with so no game requests are necessary LOL!

I’ve quoted the late Fannie Lou Hamer “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” more than once. At times, you have to encourage yourself and seek God’s direction before, during, and after a situation. Most important, never forget to honor and praise him when times are good. Your “time in the valley” will force you to rely on the only source that’s constant: God. I spoke into existence that I would be “delivered” from this unhealthy diet and start anew. I started drinking water with lemon juice. I’ve also been busy with cleaning and organizing–on a holiday weekend no doubt LOL.

This a short post but please continue to inspire others with pursuing a healthier lifestyle and set an example for others that it CAN be done!

I’ll promote the show I listen to:

http://www.djdummythegenius.com/vusiclive “SPIRITUAL SENSE WITH SHAY”, Sundays at 4pm-5pm ET or download http://app.mobbase.com/vusiclive to your smartphone or tablet


The site I previously mentioned is great to listen to and/or chat about real music; music that you don’t get a chance to hear on terrestrial radio. CHECK IT OUT!




I Speak Life…and Health!

You remember the saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” Well, I live up to it then I fall short of the glory. In spite of my weaknesses for junk food and certain kinds of fast food, I still press on to live a healthier lifestyle!


Yesterday afternoon while preparing for a meeting, I had to run an errand to the nearest CVS. Since I’m within a walking distance (as I see it), all the more reason to get in a 2-mile walk! As I told a couple of social media friends, “My calves were on fiyaaaaaaahhhhhh!”(*Alicia Keyes voice*) LOL

I’ve been cleaning up around the apartment; throwing out stuff and keeping what’s needed. No sense in holding onto anything that I don’t use. In addition, it was another way of getting a ‘clean workout’ in!


I listened to my pastor earlier today about getting caught up in the ‘busyness of life’ as if life is ‘on steroids’. We have to keep our focus on the fact that life is too short and that tomorrow is never promised. We all have a purpose in life. Some of us find out sooner than others as to what it is. It’s a blessing to truly find out the reason why you were brought into this world. I’ve been doing some self-evaluation lately, more than ever. I know that I have a purpose. Heaven help me when I truly find out what it is!


I do know that my purpose is a positive one and I speak life and good health for myself and others. Yes, challenges arise but it’s how we react, respond, and handle them. I’m looking forward to this summer for continued growth during my journey. Until the next blog post, I continue to speak life…and health!

Patti LaBelle – New Attitude: http://youtu.be/QWfZ5SZZ4xE

Eric Clapton feat. Babyface – Change The World [H…: http://youtu.be/wIJUYlPHORE

Time Moves On (Third Year Anniversary & Mother’s Day Edition)

It’s amazing that I began this journey of my blog about sharing my health experiences on Mother’s Day – May 8, 2011.

I realized after my Mother was called on by God in November 2009, it was truly a wake-up call for me to not take life for granted and to not be the next family statistic of diabetes and high blood pressure. I made a promise to myself and to God that I would break the cycle.

Fast-forward to May 11, 2014: today is officially Mother’s Day, and even though many will celebrate the love, wisdom, and faith that mothers have shared, others are reflecting on the lives of mothers who are resting in heaven. I still have challenges in my professional and personal goals; it’s not easy. Reflecting on the spirit of my mother and grandmothers helps me to continue the journey and keep the faith. They’ve sacrificed a great deal while here on earth, and I know that God is rewarding them immensely.

This is definitely a short one today. I am serving again in the music ministry today. The weather has been unpredictable at times, but the sunny days give me an opportunity to walk outside, in order to incorporate cardio in my daily routine.

In memory of Catherine Davis Richardson; Myrtle Leona Lewis Davis and Vanona Forrest Richardson; to my stepmother, Elizabeth (Liz) Richardson, who has been a blessing to me and my Dad – I share the gift of music….

Boyz 2 Men – A Song For Mama  http://youtu.be/NFRW4_46dJg

May The Work I’ve Done Speak For Me – The Console…: http://youtu.be/ELW6Ain63_Q

Change Your Outlook, Change Your Outcome!

It’s truly amazing how the power of the mind works! When you make the declaration to change your way of thinking by going on a positive thought process—despite obstacles and challenges in front of you—you’d be amazed at the level of stress that gradually diminishes!


About a month ago, I decided to write three blessings each day before I go to bed at night. I’ve noticed that I don’t complain as much, and recognize that I ask for a bridle of my tongue if there’s even a negative thought that attempts to try and get me. Not many people in this world can say they’re able to live above the surface. As I write this blog post, I’m about to have a moment right now because I feel a praise break coming on, even sitting in this McDonald’s with a cup of coffee (Yes, I brought my healthy granola with me and took advantage of the wireless access LOL)


Through the gift of social media, I’ve observed family, friends, classmates, sorority sisters, and people who I communicate within social media make some wonderful changes and are consistent with them. These changes have improved their outlook and outcome. You never know who’s watching your walk. I’ve been inspired and continue to press on my health fitness journey, even though I’ve fallen short.  I REFUSE to lose! I am going to win!


You see, I STILL wear my shades for a bright future and move forward in faith! NO ONE will stop me because God ain’t finished with me yet! Whatever HIS plan is for me, It WILL be executed!

As it’s said in our community of faith,  “Peace be with you.” And the response is “And with your spirit.”


You are my peace: http://youtu.be/-KQ8naF92Q4