Enjoying Life Is My Motivation

For most of the month of November, I’ve dealt with some personal challenges in my life. In order for me to be the best human being I can to myself and to others, I must continue to strive for a more healthier lifestyle!

One of the more prominent quotes in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s

“View From The Mountaintop” speech given in Memphi, TN that sticks with me is

“Just like anybody I want to live. A life of longevity has its place.” Being able to enjoy life is my continued motivation!

I sit here drinking Airborne for my throat and cough drops are my close friends for today. I wasn’t able to participate in the music ministry today due to this temporary illness. Right, I said temporary!  In order to be able to serve, we must take better care of ourselves. When we first made our world debuts, there were parent and legal guardians that took care of us until we were able to do for ourselves. We make decisions for our personal health: to work out or not; to walk out in layers or in the heat; to eat an apple or fast food products; to sleep in or lose sleep by keeping busy. These movements affect our overall health. I walked 2 miles this weekend after I had to leave my car with a mechanic for repairs. Thank goodness I wasn’t far from home! This is probably one of the reasons why I have a slight sore throat.

I’ve shared with some people that God called on two of my loved ones during the month of November: my paternal grandmother (11/8/2008) and my mother (11/7/2009). It’s a reflective month for me. I’m observing several people in social media who are experiencing loss of a loved one. During these times, sad but true, makes you appreciate life more. I still ask God about my purpose in life. I pray that I seek, secure, and give back what God has given me. 


Get Into It Like No One’s Watching!

One of the best forms of exercise for me is dancing,  particularly Zumba or line dancing!

I love to move to good music! It gets me going and I just want to incorporate it all through the day (can’t happen since I work in an office LOL). The last line dance I learned via YouTube was “Blurred Lines” and now that song has been played a lot on radio (new song please).

The weather is constantly changing. We’re now experiencing a real fall and within a month’s time, it will be winter. Gone are the days when I can walk during lunch. Dealing with my new job, I don’t have that flexibility. I really have to adjust my schedule! 

I’m trying to really change my eating habits and get away from processed foods.
Several of my social media friends are vegan and some of their meals look really good. I was inspired by a Vegan Potluck that I attended a couple of years ago. I think I want to revisit that.

In the meantime,  I need to get moving….literally! My overall health depends on it!


Grace and Mercy Brought Me This Far

Ok, if this blog post title is a little too much for you, you can stop reading. In the past few weeks, I’m grateful that I didn’t wind up in someone’s morgue, especially with my eating habits lately! 

I listened to a sermon earlier this morning from Bishop T.D. Jakes with the title “Don’t Drown In Shallow Water.” I needed to hear it because you should never allow your fears to overwhelm you. It forces you to trust God and to continue your journey the way he wants it for you. On this journey to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle, you will have setbacks, but trust and believe that God will bring you through the storm! Remember the reasons WHY you wanted to pursue and maintain health fitness! The influence of instantly-prepared meals and snacks—-the “want it gotta have  it right now” mentality. What message are we sending to our young people? I happened to be in a store and already there’s Christmas items to be purchased. What caught my attention (along with the cashier) was the largest size of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. As the cashier said, “Instant diabetes just waiting to happen!”

God’s grace and mercy have brought me through many challenges and I can’t thank him enough! I continue to strive for better health awareness, even if I know I shouldn’t be eating certain things or take a certain medication that’s considered good for my health.  In addition, I truly need to incorporate strength training, starting with my abs and legs!


I’ll take advantage of this extended weekend and get a couple of workouts in. It’ll help me focus more on my faith and not my fears. If you’re on Instagram,  I suggest you follow these individual. When you look at their profiles, they have a journey to share!


Until next time…….

The Time Is NOW! (Regardless of Season)


If you’re waiting for the ‘right time’ to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle, as the saying goes, “There’s no better time like the present! ”

Some of us wait until the holidays are over and begin with a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ of working out and making healthier choices with food. One of the best ways I’ve seen thus far is to take small steps and get into the drive of continuing the good habit. Someone told me at a meeting this weekend that I must be losing weight. I don’t see it because I’m aware of my journey with food right now.


It’s too convenient to pull up into a fast-food restaurant drive thru to get something to eat, and try to consider healthier choices. In spite of, I make sure to get as much cardio as I can with the commuting on public transit. As I’ve said in previous posts, “I refuse to be another family statistic!”  Don’t wait or delay in improving your health. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us.


This is a very short blog post today. Normally,  I would post a music link to capture the blog post title. Right now, I need rest. My eyelids are too heavy. Haven’t been sleeping very well so I need to shut it down. Good night!