Encouraging Myself (Catch-Up Edition)

I only have myself to hold accountable for pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Here are some facts:

I didn’t work for almost three weeks due to the government shutdown. Experiences like this make you humble and reflect on what’s really important. I took advantage of the time and did a little bit of walking: 3.5 miles to a Metro station then a trolley ride to the Waterfront—and walked some more.

I’ve gone back to commuting to work via Metro so that’s one way of getting my cardio in. Two miles each day, and I NEED my strength training!

This is a short blog post. I keep falling down but I get back up! I refuse to let myself go in my health! It’s amazing that I will be 45 years old next year so I have something to look forward to!

I will fight this battle of the bulge and not become the next family statistic!


Not Waiting Any Longer

You really humble yourself during challenging times. If you haven’t kept up with the news, the U.S. Federal Government is in the midst of a shutdown due to the country’s budget. I could say more about it in this blog, but I would be off track. Over 800,000 federal government employees are not working. With me being a contractor, that’s a different story. I don’t have the same privileges as a regular, full-time employee. It’s not easy just to sit at home every day. I’m making myself productive by doing household chores; walking outside (if weather permits). I stare at my ball and dumbbells which I know need to get a workout in with me. Today is the day!


It’s very easy to just eat anything that’s readily available. I have to make more changes,  even if I’m not working at a place of employment right now. Makes you reflect on the fact that you HAVE a job already and some people out there are still looking for one!


It’s been raining in my area and we’re near the date of our economical ‘debt ceiling’: The U.S. must pay its bills or suffer the consequences. We hope and pray that there’s a decision made to end this government shutdown and put people back to work. Not everyone has an extensive source of finances  to support himself or herself. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage and get moving!  The music has nothing to do with the blog post title, just so you know (LOL).


Taking Responsibility For Our Own Lives

I was inspired by today’s sermon in church today regarding my blog post title. At times during our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle,  we question ourselves as to when we will see results of losing weight and becoming healthy. There’s no easy fix here. Each person has to hold himself or herself accountable for their health fitness journey.


I’ve been on-again/off-again with my eating habits. This too must stop! Fast-food restaurants, convenient stores, and vending machines make it too easy to just grab and go. As it’s been said more than once, “Abs are made in the kitchen. “

I actually went out to walk on Friday. I have a little time due to the federal government shutdown (that’s another story in itself). I’m making the best of my time and taking responsibility for my life, my health.

This is a very short blog post. I’m watching my game. If you don’t know, now you know: HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!