THIS IS IT! I’M DONE! (Operation GetFit)

As I sit here with a strawberry banana smoothie from a fast-food restaurant after I finished eating, it’s TRULY time for me to say “Enough Already! Get back to building your body! Why did you stop?” (having a talk with myself)

McDonalds-Strawberry-Banana-Fruit-SmoothieI’ve noticed that more and more people around me are working on pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  I missed the days of having more energy and not being diagnosed with lymphedema.  I need THAT person back! I want to get back to the size 16 jeans that I didn’t wear for more than a year. They were sitting in the closet until I was able to wear them for a community fundraising event.  Now I can barely fit them.  It’s true what they say: Abs are made in the kitchen!

IMAG0181A couple of personal challenges have arrived but I’m determined to do this and continue my consistency once again! I’ve noticed several people that I know via social media have lost 30, 40, 50, 60 or more pounds.  If they can do it, so can I!


I start a new job on tomorrow and I’ll be commuting via public transit.  I want to make sure that I get a workout at home.  If I continue to focus on the reasons why I need to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle, I’ll keep on going.  I can’t be the next family statistic of diabetes and high blood pressure.  I’ve known too many people to suffer from those diseases!

wpid-20121026_205744.jpgOnward and upward! It wouldn’t hurt for some of you who read the blog or encourage others to join me on my journey!  September 30, 2013…..THIS IS IT!



Enough Celebration…Getting Back to Work! (Catch-Up Edition)

I admit that I really took “Virgo Season” to another level this year LOL!


Ever since August 27, 2013, I’ve been celebrating my entire birthday and the season of Virgo. I’ve truly enjoyed it but I must continue and finish what I committed to on December 29, 2011. In this picture, this was the first time I wore the dress. It belonged to my mother. As I approach another year of life, I see how much more I resemble her.

I see friends, family, sorority sisters, and social media friends getting themselves into shape. I miss the Zumba workouts that I would do at home and the walks I took outside. I did manage to walk around National Harbor which is a great place to walk when the weather is nice!


I refuse to let any personal challenges that I’m dealing with right now slow me down! As one of my Instagram buddies @4everfit_inc would say, “Purpose.Passion.Progress. Only God can judge me.”


I know it’s a short blog post. Gotta get moving because tomorrow isn’t promised to us! This week’s post is dedicated to the memory of the famous “Four Little Girls” who were killed in an act of hate and violence at the 16th Street Baptist Church in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama 50 years ago today; as well as two young boys killed in a riot on the same day. We speak their names: Denise McNair; Cynthia Wesley; Addie Mae Collins; Carole Robertson; Virgil Ware and Johnny Robinson. We remember, lest we forget.


Motivation to MOVE!


This is one of my very favorite pictures that inspires me to get moving, especially when I talk about working out!

My incorporated workouts have been sporadic. I’ll use public transit to commute to work (2mi) and/or use a resistance band or medicine ball at work. If I were truly able to work out at my desk, my music would be blaring, especially when it comes to “Workout Thursdays” on The Breakfast Club Morning Show!


Part of this blog (or most of it) will be pertaining to this online morning show. Almost three years ago (October 2010 to be exact) , I was going through a transition in my life when it was almost a 1-year anniversary of my mother’s homegoing. A hip-hop artist named Common ‘recruited’ several of us via Twitter to listen to a DJ named Dummy (what kind of name is that? Lol). He actually serves as the official Tour DJ for Common and more recently J. Cole. People who really know me know of my musical background and that without God and music, I cease to live. DJ Dummy is a very talented entertainer and definitely represents his native Brooklyn to the fullest! I admire his gift because we all have conversations among each other in the chatroom regarding music; regardless of the genre. I’ve been blessed to meet people who listen to The Breakfast Club via social media and several in real life! I learn more and more about music through others and it’s not only people within the U.S. that listen in. As the saying goes, “The Breakfast Club is International baby!”


I appreciate “Workout Thursdays” because Dummy plays music that gets your heart pumping. Honestly, there are several artists I’ve heard that will hardly ever get radio airplay, but the music is good and the vibe is infectious! During ANY workout I have, music MUST be present! Hopefully one day soon, the Breakfast Club will have a reunion and really have a party with real music!


This is one of my motivational influences to MOVE, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it! Of course this blog post wouldn’t be one without music right? RIIIIGHT! Careful: some of the content might be a bit much for you! LOL

DJ Dummy and I

If you want to hear my “brother from another mother”, tune in Monday-Friday 8am-11am Eastern Time on “The Breakfast Club” at or you can download the app to your smartphone or tablet at 

See what “THE GENUIS” does!


In memory of one of our Breakfast Club family members, Shooka Shooka Sharmaine. She always reminded us, “It’s all about the music.” This was one of her favorites: