Good Health = Good Wealth (Huh?!?!)

As I continue to get off and back on this health fitness journey,  I realize now what it means that good health equals wealth.

I did manage to get on the scale earlier this month and I didn’t like what I saw. I only lost ONE pound and as I’ve been hearing lately, “Abs are made in your kitchen.” The problem is that I’ve been away from it. Yesterday is when I FINALLY went to the grocery store to shop for healthier items, particularly fruits and vegetables. The summer season is almost about to be complete as students prepare to return to school.


Right now, I’m cooking dinner and preparing for tomorrow. In addition to food, I have an appointment with my podiatrist. I need to take care of my health. How else will I be able to be a blessing to someone else if I’m not centered in mind, body, and spirit?




For the past few weeks, I’ve attended two conventions. When you’re out and about, you make the decision to eat healthy or whatever is accessible. In my case, it was a little bit of both: from a restaurant near the waterfront to fast food (one with more healthier choices than the other), to a particular restaurant chain. And a CONSISTENT workout routine!  I managed to get up for three days last week during the last convention I attended for a 30-minute workout. Even a couple of our national executive board officers were there! It was a way to promote and advocate physical fitness (I’m still recovering LOL!). I appreciated the workouts because I truly worked up a sweat in 30 minutes. My body thought I was mistreating it LOL!!


I’ll keep you updated about my visit to the podiatrist. In the meantime, let’s keep moving! Careful: these videos may be too hot for you LOL!


Hot Weather = Drink Water

NOW it decides to feel like Summer! It seemed as if winter didn’t want to let go of the spring LOL!


Of course we’re about to conclude another holiday weekend. Cookouts, family reunions, vacations, and “staycations” were featured in all social media networks and in all forms of entertainment. The heat needs to be dealt with accordingly. Yes, there will be moments where we will enjoy food and beverages. But we need to make sure that we’re hydrated and this weather forces me to drink water!


True case scenario: I’ve been commuting to work via public transit and the humidity outside is no joke! I have green tea if it’s cold in the office, but I must drink water. I was at a cookout this past weekend. Before I had an alcoholic beverage, I had water. Your body will sweat in the heat, so you must replenish what’s been lost. I also had a Gatorade. Don’t let the picture fool you! LOL!
As the season moves forward, it’s very important for me to stay on track even when I’ve eaten this food. I’ve done a lot of walking but I’ve had my share of food that I wish I didn’t eat. Gotta get back to pursuing and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It CAN and WILL be done!

Gotta Push The Boulder Along!


Interesting blog post title eh?  Every time that I’m reminded of the goals I set forth in front of me, I have a mental picture of a boulder; that I have to push it along until I accomplish my goal of pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


The month of July will be VERY busy due to convention attendance (two of them) and getting things done for the remainder of the summer season.  I’m still commuting via public transit which gives me time for cardio.  Walking outside with the current weather climate isn’t in my favor.  Even though I was born and raised in the South, humidity is not my friend. I empathize with my fellow U.S. citizens on the West Coast.  Just this past weekend, temperatures were over 100-118 degrees! Yikes! (Jesus be an iceberg!)

Hot-Weather1When the temperature increases outside, it encourages me to drink more water.  I’m about to go to the snack store right now to get some.  I did have a cup of coffee, but that was because it stays cold in this office.  I REALLY need to keep moving!

For the upcoming holiday, I plan to do better than I did last year by making healthier choices and getting my workout routine down.  In previous posts, I’ve stressed on changing up.  In addition, I’ll need to make some physician appointments.  I’ve heard a saying good health = wealth (or something like that).


We’ll see how the month of July does for me.  Professional and personal situations will no longer be an issue.  This TOO will pass! I still claim it!  Remember the boulders that are in your way; you gotta push them along!