Catching Up..I Haven’t Given Up!

I know that I haven’t posted a blog in the last two weeks. On the last one, I mentioned about a jump-start on my routine with a 14-day supplement by Jillian Michaels. One thing for sure: I’ve been taking frequent visits to the bathroom LOL! We’ll keep updates on here as the days progress.  I haven’t visited the scale yet.



I haven’t been really diligent on the fruit/vegetables intake but I’m working on it. I was able to purchase some vegetables a la Dollar Store as time permits.  I still continue to walk during my commute as cardio and I had the opportunity to have three hours of house cleaning as a workout this weekend!  Used up many calories! 


This is a very short post. I’m still dealing with challenges but I haven’t given up! My pursuit of a healthier lifestyle still continues!


Trying Something Different

If you’ve followed my blog recently, I mentioned that I’ve been commuting with public transit due to my car being down and it has to pass safety inspection. In the meantime, this is used as cardio. I hope to lose some weight doing this.

Dealing with my own personal challenges,  I’m still motivated to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Is the journey easy? No. Will I feel better with a more consistent routine? Yes. Will it happen overnight?  Absolutely not! Now I have to turn it up a notch.

I’m getting back of incorporating a strength training routine and my commute to work and other places on public transit. I started using this product a week ago. I can’t tell yet but I’ve received a few compliments about ‘slimming down’. It’s a combination of my cardio; watching what I eat; drinking more water. One thing about this product: it makes me go the bathroom more than usual, so I guess I’m ridding my body of stuff I don’t need LOL!!

Today, I saw the “Insanity” Workout that some people I know in social media are using right now. I’ve heard so much about it. Will I do it? Only time will tell. I still want to get the NutriBullet blender so I can make better juices and be down with #TeamBullet LOL!!

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. I know it’s been said “Never do the same thing and expect different results.” I’ll continue to press on!

Make Your Health a Priority While Traveling [Special Guest Blogger Edition]

travel scene 4

It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to present another individual who has a love of pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle–especially when they enjoy doing so!

This week’s blog post, I present to you Mr. Mike Mannings. His blog is called “Manning’s Musings” and he wants to share information regarding making health your priority while traveling.   You can definitely read, follow, and share his blog with this link:

We definitely appreciate Mike sharing this information.  I have something else to really consider when I travel 🙂

travel scene 1

Make Your Health a Priority While Traveling

Staying physically fit from day to day is important, but many people disregard their exercise routines while traveling. This can be detrimental, particularly for those who find it difficult to slip back into a normal schedule once the vacation is over. Incorporating fitness activities into your family vacation or solo journeys is easy if you are diligent and plan ahead. The key is to set aside blocks of time so that you can treat yourself to a healthy workout each day.
One of the first things you should do while planning your vacation is research the area hotels to determine which ones have the most suitable fitness amenities. Some accommodations are better than others. Many high-end hotels offer classes and provide special equipment for specific training purposes. Look for a hotel that offers a fully equipped fitness center with flexible hours, and prepare accordingly if you need to bring your own gear. On a recent trip to Maui I made sure to do some research on a travel site called Gogobot before I booked a hotel. Here I could see all of the Maui hotels and choose accordingly which ones had gyms that were open early in the morning. This made it easy for me to workout early and hit the beach all day.
Traveling can be stressful, particularly for large families, business people and those who frequently need to go on the road. In most cases, the tension and anxiety can be relieved with simple exercise. Even moderate amounts of physical activity can release the feel-good chemicals of the brain. A short, brisk walk, a quick swim or a few deep knee bends can significantly reduce emotional and physical strain.
If your idea of a peaceful vacation does include a tedious workout, there are places that offer fitness retreats. Numerous fitness resorts around the country offer exhilarating and cutting-edge workout programs to suit any lifestyle. You can experience the thrill of exercising in a new place while enjoying the luxury of getting away from your normal routine.
Maintaining your physical health while traveling requires more than just establishing an exercise plan. You should also factor in your diet. Many vacationers eat on the run, sample numerous local fares and dine at lavish restaurants. You can avoid these pitfalls by eating nutrient-rich snacks such as granola, nuts, protein bars or dried fruit. Always keep bottled water handy in order to stay hydrated.
Your physical and emotional well-being is important whether you’re at home or away. If you don’t maintain your normal standards as you travel, you may impede your progress once you return to everyday life. Trading in a healthy lifestyle for a temporary devil-may-care attitude can cause damage to your entire system. In order to stay fit no matter where you roam, set up some boundaries and put your health before any temptations.