No Matter What..Don’t Stop Your Progress!

I’ve definitely had to remind myself of this fact more than once. I’ve been off-and-on the pursuit and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle and that’s not good.  I gained back the seven pounds that I lost (*in my Charlie Brown impression* “AAUGH!”)

I am human and we do make mistakes. That’s no excuse to NOT keep going. Progress is taking place, even if you don’t see it. I remind myself of the reasons why I started this journey. Another wake-up call was placed before me.

A week ago today, the matriarch of our immediate family was called on by God on Pentecost Sunday.  It definitely wasn’t expected. One thing that I loved about my aunt is that she enjoyed life in spite of her health conditions.  No memorial service for her. The celebration of life will be a party! How cool is that?!?! I’m sure in her infinite wisdom, she’s with her mother, sister, and husband (Grandma, Mom, and Uncle) updating them on everything LOL!

Since my ride is down until further notice, I’ve been using public transit.  I’m grateful to still be able to commute to and from work with other places in between. Maybe that’s why I haven’t gained more weight.  Once I get my nutrition and consistency in workouts under control, I’ll be able to prance around the swimming pool with a good-looking strut LOL!


Yes, I have challenges but I REFUSE to allow them to stop me! I’m looking forward to the next couple of months to hopefully share more good news about my progess!



Of course I can’t close out this blog post without sharing some music. They are a couple of my aunt’s musical artists that she liked. This blog post is dedicated to her and may God continue to watch over her (our) family.

Yes! Straight out of Fairfield, AL! MY homies! If I could just find the picture because my Mom, aunts and uncles went to see them perform!


I Get It From My Mama (2nd Anniversary & Mother’s Day Edition)

On May 8, 2011, I ventured into the blogging atmosphere to debut my blog about my journey to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  In addition, I made a tribute to my mother because she was the inspiration for me to begin this blog.  The day was also Mother’s Day, so it’s fitting that I have a Mother’s Day edition after my official 2nd Anniversary date!

Catherine Davis RichardsonMe


On my first blog post, I mentioned that my mother’s passing was a ‘wake-up call’ for me.  I had to improve my health because I didn’t want to become the next family statistic. For the past couple of months, I’ve been making green smoothies as part of my health routine and due to my car being down, I’ve taken public transit which incorporates cardio.  I would like to be more consistent in a workout routine.  I know that I need to schedule some health appointments as well. The goal is to lose some more weight for the summer.  I may decide to way myself at the end of this month.  I’m looking forward to the summer.  God willing, I’ll celebrate my 44th birthday and I plan to make it a special occasion.  Now God allows me to reach my 45th next year, it’s ON!!


I don’t have much to say, but I’m grateful that I was able to celebrate Mother’s Day in my own way. It was a beautiful day and I made my phone calls to family members who are mothers; saw ‘Mother’s Day’ greetings in social media; planned my meals and snacks accordingly.  I’m still using the ‘myfitnesspal’ app and I need to get back on  I did manage to enjoy a concert in the area with several local artists that performed with well-known artists Raheem DeVaughn, Marsha Ambrosius, and a band called Black Alley (I love this band)!

Please stay in touch with my blog for the next post.  In honor of my mother, I will share a couple of songs related to the day and ones I listened to at the 2013 DC Lovefest.  Careful with a couple of them though (Disclaimer). Enjoy!

Making Changes (Another Catch-Up & Anniversary Edition)


Well, it’s starting to look and FEEL like Spring because it seemed as if Fall and Winter tried to stay in this region of the United States longer than expected LOL!!

I keep reminding myself of a phrase I would sometimes hear: “When you do your best, God handles the rest.”  I kept falling on/off track with my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle,  but I think I got a groove. Some of my social media buddies have invested in juicers and are combining different fruits and vegetables for healthier alternatives, in addition to a workout routine. I’ve also met more people via myfitnesspal and through my blog. It’s truly been an interesting journey; meeting people who have similar goals for fitness and share their experiences in social media!


Sometimes,  you never know what you’re capable of doing until the situation presents itself.  I did so much walking and using public transit due to my car needing service (and the annual vehicle safety inspection *sigh*). I haven’t walked that much in a long time, so I think I should lose at least five pounds within a week LOL!!


My body is changing as I get older, so I have to adapt and make changes for the better in order to stay healthy. Right now, I know that I’ll be walking a little later. The grocery store is only a mile away..why not?

This week’s blog post falls on the Second Anniversary of my blog debut (May 8, 2011). Ironically,  that day was Mother’s Day, and I dedicate this one to my mother in her memory.