Getting Back In The Saddle (Late Edition)


After enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with the family back home, it was purely evident that I needed to get back on track. You know the holiday is centered around food, family, and fellowship. I did hear of several organizations and/or individuals who donated time and resources to ensure someone else enjoyed Thanksgiving. There were others who now miss a loved one due to an illness or natural causes. God had a better plan. We pray for those who are having a difficult time during the holiday season. We’re grateful to see another day so that’s a start!

I had my share of food staying with my brother & sister-in-law. I truly enjoyed their hospitality. I did receive compliments from my Dad and my Aunt (his sister) about losing weight. Trust me, I haven’t given up on my goals.



Today, I’m forcing myself to go to the community fitness center and get on the treadmill while work on the exercises that my trainer suggested. Right now, I’m pushing myself to do more and better in my workouts and watching what I eat. I’m also working on other areas in my life. I will not allow negative experiences to deter me from what’s been ordered. I may not be at the destination just yet, but the journey is a testimony that I’m still here, and God wants me to get it right for him.


Now for some lively music to get your cardio going. Until next time…..


Taking It Step-By-Step (Thanksgiving Holiday Edition)

In just four days, we’ll have an opportunity to celebrate with family and/or friends as to what we’re thankful for.  Honestly, every day should be a day of gratitude.


I’ve been working out still and I managed to force myself to walk outside in the sun, even though the high was only about 50 degrees, I dressed warm for the weather. I’ve had a couple of days where I was off then on again with my workout and meal plan.  I’m moving forward in faith that by this time next year, I’ll have a better maintenance plan on my weight.

Thanksgiving and Christmas (which will be here before you know it) is an opportunity to fellowship with people and food is EASILY accessible.  For those who are on a routine of incorporating exercise and watching what’s being eaten, any holiday that’s associated with food is tread lightly or it’s considered a “splurge day.”  It’s important to get back on track with exercise once you’ve had that day of eating enough food.

I’m taking my health fitness journey step-by-step.  Pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle is not an easy task.  I’ve had a couple of compliments about me losing weight recently (trying not to let that go to my head LOL).  All I can do is try and continue to push myself.  Once I complete a workout or I’ve followed my meal plan for the day, I feel a sense of accomplishment!

Onward and upward is the goal! Continue to press on with your own journey; keep wearing your shades and move forward in faith!

My Steps Are Being Ordered


“Order my steps in your word, Dear Lord.
Lead me, guide me everyday.
Send your anointing, Father I pray.
Order my steps in your word, please order my steps in your word”  (Glen Burleigh – Order My Steps)

There is a very strong theme that I’ve been hearing the past few weeks regarding “following your dreams.” It’s been evident in reading social media updates; in scripture readings and reflections; talking with people who are on the journey or have completed part of it. I still want to be healthy. There are so many things that I want to accomplish and I can’t put it off any longer.


My lower body is sore. Why? Because I did 75 minutes of Zumba Fitness Live and the 20-minute Express this weekend. I’ve been off my meal plan and my workout for about 2-3 days, but I’m getting back on it!


I’m trying to move forward in faith and not allow challenges to dictate my destination. My journey has been very interesting. Who would’ve thought I would be writing a blog and sharing my health fitness journey with others? If you knew me years ago, my response to writing a blog might have been different.

One of my social media friends said recently, “If you forever think small, then small is where you shall forever be.” I reflected on that statement. I will no longer continue to do that. Within a year from now, I will lose 40 pounds; get my professional life in order with a new job or start my own; travel more; several more goals that I want to accomplish that I won’t mention here. In faith and works, it WILL happen!

I dedicate this blog post to all veterans in the armed forces: Happy Veteran’s Day! And Fear, you’re no longer welcomed here! Fear doesn’t keep you warm at night, chip in on the rent or put food on the table! Farewell, goodbye, so long!


A Small World After All

In my experience, you never know who you meet or what you read that may inspire you to keep going.


On last week’s blog post, I shared with you that I was going to go into a new direction with my health fitness journey.  A friend of mine who is a certified trainer posed an inexpensive but a worthwhile health fitness challenge, and I hope to see changes and continue the journey!  I know that my biceps and triceps (along with my legs) were on fire for about 2-3 days (LOL)! Just today, one of my colleagues commented to me that I “looked like I was losing weight”.  I thanked her for the compliment (you know I was grinning like a Cheshire cat LOL).  I did modify a couple of the exercises that are part of the workout plan.  I can honestly say that I’ve been sticking to the meal plan (of course I’ve had a couple of slip moments LOL).  I bought groceries before a hurricane by the name of Sandy paid our area a visit; I wanted to prepare the refrigerator and make sure that I was following the meal plan as written.














Things like this inspire me to keep going. I’m a firm believer that God puts certain people in our life for a reason.  It was meant for me (I think) to respond to the health fitness challenge.  In addition, I had another encounter this past weekend of meeting someone in “A Small World”.



I was serving in the music ministry for a local hospital’s palliative care service.  This is a service for the families who’ve lost a loved one due to an illness. Our choir director and several of the choir members had a concert to participate in, so another music minister and me served as a duet along with a pianist.  I was nervous because there was one song that I’ve never sung as a solo:  His Eye Is On The Sparrow.  The pianist who was contacted by our choir director went over the songs with us before the service began.  Needless to say, we did well and the people enjoyed the service.

All three of us were talking, still in the chapel.  Somehow, the pianist and I got into a conversation about home.  When I mentioned where I was from, little did I know what I would find out: 1) we’re both from the same city; 2) went to rival high schools and graduated in the same year; 3) grew up in the SAME neighborhood (just around the corner & down the street).  See, “It’s A Small World after all!”


You just never know who you might meet in this world and how it impacts your life!

I am dedicating this specific blog post to those who survived and are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy coming to the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions during October 29-30, 2012.  Sending a special prayer to the fellow citizens who lost a loved one or have to make a new journey in the states of New York and New Jersey; they were the hardest hit by the hurricane.