A New Chapter – Following Your Dreams

I believe that I received confirmation from God through othera about following my dreams. No more time for procrastination or fear to dictate my circumstances. I’ve come this far so why stop now?


Earlier today, I attended a book signing. The author shared her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer, then finding out a couple of weeks later that she was pregnant. She shared her story of faith and how God put people in her life to say that “everything will be alright.” The journey inspired her to write a book along with a CD in order to help expectant mothers and raise money for breast cancer research. This moment has inspired me to write my book. I shared this thought with the author, and she responded, “Do it!” As I watched her autograph my copy of the book, she wrote, “Follow Your Dreams.” This revelation couldn’t have come at a better time!  The day before, I told a friend I was going to a book signing. In response, he said, “You need to write a book because you have many stories to share.” I know that I won’t share EVERYTHING, but some experiences I would like to share so that people will know that it CAN be done!


Just recently, I signed up to participate in a fitness challenge beginning November 1, 2012. There’s a fellow college alumni loo who’s a certified fitness trainer. I’m pushing myself to do this challenge. He knows my current weight; offers a workout plan & a meal plan; deadline to register is October 31 for a $75 rate. Sounds good to me! Another way for me to follow my dream of a healthier lifestyle! (By the way, it’s http://www.hitsquadfitness.com)


I’ve heard this statement more than once: Get excited about your life! I’m truly excited about the steps that are about to be taken on this journey! I REFUSE to give up! Right now, we’re dealing with the arrival of a hurricane and the impact it will have on our area. If I’m able to make it this far in my life, I know God has some more work for me to do. The book writing & the sharing of my health fitness journey may be the “work”….who knows?



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