The Desire To Achieve


By now, you know that most of the world is watching the Olympics in London, England.  People were giving their opinions about the Opening Ceremony in social media (which I haven’t seen–even in replay) and the games that are going on right now.

We know that all athletes have prepared themselves to secure a spot in the finals and hope to move forward to a win. I call it The Desire To Achieve.  Many of them have spent most of their lives preparing themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually for an opportunity to represent their respective countries in the Olympics.  I may not be in Olympic shape, but my Desire To Achieve is to continue to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve been to the gym as a guest, so I’ve been able to get my cardio in with an elliptical machine and/or treadmill with strength training; working on my abs and lower body.  However, I’ve come to the realization that I need to decrease my carbohydrate intake (carbs) and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat.  I’ve tried some interesting smoothies that my roommate made and they were delicious!  Here’s one of them that I remember:

Blend in blender:

baby carrots




skim milk (I use almond)



I had some for my breakfast since I didn’t have time to cook this morning!


I haven’t been able to walk as much as I’d like to outside due to the excessive heat advisories with the weather.  I only had one day last week to enjoy that experience. Hopefully the weather will change for the better.  In the meantime, I have to stay hydrated!

I found a couple of interesting videos that I feel are in relation to the blog post today.  Stay encouraged and keep moving!  AS A DISCLAIMER:  some of the songs may be too much for some people 🙂


Reflections (ALL The Time)

For those who follow my blog, you’ve noticed that I haven’t written in a while.  My goal is to write and post each Sunday, or Monday at the latest.  I’m dealing with challenges (and who doesn’t in this world) but I still try to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle with more consistency.


I found out at the end of June that I gained five of the 18 pounds I lost (UGH!) so back on the mission to my workout and exercise routine on a weekly basis.  I really can’t workout at home due to the neighbors that live below me (they tap the ceiling any chance they get if it seems too loud), so I had to find a class outside my residence.  I will get in touch with the instructor this week!


I have a roommate that likes to work out…late at night when hardly anyone is in the gym.  At my age, I need as much sleep as possible LOL! I’ve actually been looking at either a boot camp or kickboxing to help with my weight loss. I’m still debating….

It’s amazing how far I’ve come and still have ways to go in terms of the weight loss! I started out on December 29, 2011, wondering if I would be able to get into Zumba again and it happened!  I see myself a -40+ pounds later and the vision really looks great! My eating habits have been completely off due to eating out and not eating enough vegetables and fruit. I was so grateful to be able to go to the grocery store (as my grandmother used to say “make groceries” LOL) get those items.  I still need vegetables though. I tried to donate blood on last week and was deferred due to low iron.

Image   Image








I haven’t lost sight of my goals (I know my recent actions seem otherwise).  Here’s to another chance to get it right and thank God for it! 

I haven’t posted an inspirational video in a while either! Check this one out! This young lady is talented and looks too much like her father 🙂



Never Take Life For Granted (Catch-up Post)

Well, this has been an interesting two weeks!

Since my last post, I’ve dealt with unusual storm activity, holiday reflection, heatwaves, and other challenges. In addition, I reflected on the life celebrations of three people. One of them was my mother and July 6 would’ve been her 63rd birthday. For those who follow my blog, she was the inspiration for me in creating it. I still haven’t forgotten the promise made: to pursue & maintain a  healthier lifestyle.

Recently, I’ve been going to the gym with my roommate as a guest. The workouts are later at night due to not many people being in the gym. It’s really good to get back on the treadmill or cross track machine while listening to music (you know I MUST have music LOL).   For me, I’ll have to do something right after work, so I found a Zumba class near me to join. Stay tuned….

I reflected on this particular scripture (can’t remember the book or chapter): “We neither know the day nor the hour.” Two people I knew were called on by God this past week; both women, both young. I just saw a video posting from one of them a day or two before she lost her human life in a car crash.  Hence the title for my blog post today.

One moment, someone you know can leave this earth without warning. That’s why it’s highly encouraged to do what you can and to stay in touch with others. I know for me, it’s a task that I know needs to be done. In addition, we must take better care of ourselves. I’m seeing more of my peers die at an alarming rate from several diseases and disorders. Some of us didn’t realize how sick other people were!

These life experiences are a constant reminder to never take life for granted.

NOTE: I would insert a link to Ledisi’s “bgty (be good to yourself)” but I couldn’t find one LOL!!

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Catherine Davis Richardson (mother); Nancy Stricklin; Katrina Mack and Ernest Borgnine.