A Moment In Time

This past week, I spent time preparing for an enjoyable vacation—one that I could ACTUALLY enjoy.  Not looking over my shoulder; not worrying about things going on in the real world.  God will give me the tools and he will help me fight my battles.  In the meantime, I’ll reflect on my recent trip to celebrate my 25th Anniversary of graduating from high school in 1987! Image

We all traveled to New Orleans, “The Big Easy”.  Did I even try to find a fitness center? NOPE!!! I didn’t completely behave.  I did eat seafood but I splurged on a couple of things (LOL).  There were plenty of opportunities to walk around Bourbon Street, outside of our hotel, and the Riverwalk.  We had to stay hydrated with water due to the heat.  I left home which had two days of an excessive heat advisory; temperatures in the 90s with a heat index between 105-110 degrees.  It’s still hot, and it’s important to stay hydrated with water.  Most of my activities were done indoors (LOL). 

I haven’t seen most of my classmates since the 10-year reunion in 1997.  We’ve all had experiences in our life that’s affected us in several ways.  It’s a blessing that we were able to come together as a class.  Most of us still live in the home state and some of us live in different parts of the country.  Some of us are entrepreneurs; parents of school graduates (college, high school, middle school, and kindergarten); grandparents; served in the military; members of fraternal, civic, professional, and social organizations; active in ministry; survivors of diseases and disorders that consistently serve as an example of a “BUT GOD” moment; continued our education after high school and are doing things to help the community.  As it has been said, LIFE is a school of hard knocks.

The entire weekend was a memorable moment in time.  There was a consensus that we need to meet not only every five years to celebrate our high school graduation, but each year to continue the spirit of fellowship and see more of our classmates.  There’s an annual Alumni Day Picnic that I haven’t been able to attend yet and it’s been in existence for four years now.  I would love to go!

For a class that graduated from the best high school in the world 25 years ago, we STILL LOOK GOOD (LOL).  This particular blog post is in honor of the Class of 1987 and dedicated to 11 of our classmates who see us from heaven above.  Blessings!



In It to Win It!

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  I’m still on the journey to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  At times, you may have one of those “give-up” moments, and then a reminder comes to you as to why a commitment was made: I didn’t want to become the next statistic for diabetes and high blood pressure nor any other disease or disorder that CAN be prevented through healthy eating and exercise.


Just this past week, I needed to invest in my health, so I had to purchase some health items and slowly but surely getting back into a workout routine.  Someone suggested a boot camp for me (we’ll see LOL).  I continue to do Zumba but I know that I won’t be able to do it at home since I live on the upper level.  I’ll have to check on a class nearby.  There is a fitness center on site, but it isn’t highly recommended by my roommate. I’ll check it for myself and then visit the fitness center not too far from here.

The weather feels like it’s already summer and it’s not even the official season yet.  I take advantage of the walking trail at work, and it’s another way for me to warm up (my office STAYS cold smh).  If I’m really good, I’ll walk to the downtown area and back for the entire lunch break! 









I’m eating my dinner right now as I work on this blog:  broiled tilapia; brown rice and mixed vegetables.  I push myself to eat healthy as well as with snacks.  In my crockpot, I’m cooking kale greens topped with some herbs & spices.  Lunch will be really good this week!

On a much lighter note, I’m looking forward to my vacation in the next few days.  The challenge will be to continue to make healthier choices in terms of food and an opportunity to work out while I’m away (Jesus be my personal trainer LOL).


I haven’t weighed myself on the scale, so I’ll save that for the end of this month or wait until July; just to see the results of my labor.

For some reason, I could copy a video link to share music today. It must be a recent update that I need to install right away. Oh well, until next time………………

Keeping The Promise (Catching Up Edition)

This morning, I had to serve at a 10am service. Today was a feast day of Corpus Christi (the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ). The Eucharist is a covenant that is shared among all; a promise made to God that anyone who receives it will follow him without question nor hesitation. As our deacon reflected so well in his homily today, “Can you keep a promise?”

On May 8, 2011, I made a promise to write a weekly blog that chronicles my pursuit and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. There have been times where I haven’t fulfilled my expectations, which is why this post has the additional title “Catching Up Edition.”
For the past couple of weeks, so many changes have occurred; all for the best. I wonder what other changes will take place? God only knows. I continue to eat healthy and take advantage of the weather by walking. I’m trying to decide if a boot camp would be my next option to take during my health fitness journey. I’ll keep you posted.

So far, I’m enjoying a new residence and the commute to work is not that bad. As I said in a previous post, Here’s to new beginnings!

Moving along on this health fitness journey in faith!

(NOTE: Due to a busy schedule and using my phone, I didn’t provide any music today. We’ll do that on the next blog post).