Looking Forward to New Beginnings (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

“Lord send out your spirit and renew the face of the earth” – Psalm 104

It’s ironic that today was Pentecost Sunday along with the celebration of the Memorial Day weekend.  In my opinion, those who followed Jesus were about to embark on new beginnings, starting with receiving the Holy Spirit—birthday of the Christian Church.

I look forward to the new beginnings in my own life while I still continue to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve come too far now to just quit and not remember the reasons why I wanted to do this.  I only had about 1 or 2 days of Zumba on last week.  Hopefully after this week, I will be able to share some more things happening in my life as it relates to new beginnings.

Even though I’ve done a nominal amount of Zumba, I still took the advantage of walking for cardio and I try to watch what I eat.  I’m looking forward to the summer months (even though the weather feels like summer already and it’s only the month of May LOL) to hopefully travel and get out more. I hope to lose a couple of more pounds before my 25th High School class reunion 🙂

No telling where God wants to take me along on my health fitness journey.  We’ll have to wait and see…….

This is a very short post given the holiday and religious celebrations this weekend.  Please remember the men and women who protect or have protected our shores here and abroad. I’m sure being in the armed forces and having to go overseas was a ‘new beginning’ for many of them.  Thank them for their service and the phrase highly mentioned around this time is “freedom ain’t free.” 



Keep on Moving…Don’t Stop!

That’s exactly what I’m doing right now! I haven’t done Zumba in a week (NOT GOOD)! I’ve been walking most of the week.  It’s an advantage when you have walking trails where you work 🙂

So many things have happened within the past few weeks but I won’t allow life’s experiences to stop me in pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  I won’t have many (if any) pictures to demonstrate within this blog post.  Most of time has been spent working on other things which had me away from home.  Honestly, I can’t complain because in a previous post, I mentioned that someone else wants to be in my shoes and someone is worse off than me.  Be grateful for what you have NOW and continue to enhance it!

If I haven’t mentioned it in a previous post, I participated in a 2.8 mile hike during National Take A Hike Day a couple of weeks ago.  I need to increase my workouts and prepare for the summer.  There are several places that I want to go to and I am making some lifestyle changes along the way.  Trust me, I’m no saint and I’m not a candidate for canonization.  I fall down sometimes, but I get back up. I know that greater rewards are within reach if I keep the faith and continue to this health fitness journey!

I was given a compliment during Mother’s Day Weekend. My friend let me know she’s seeing my progress.  I was tickled about it.  That’s the kind of motivation that keeps me going 🙂

I might get on the scale when the month of June comes around.  We’ll see whether if I’ve lost any more weight that I can add to my existing 18lb weight loss.  God only knows.

To continue the spirit of keeping it moving,I’ll share some more music…enjoy!

Can’t you tell that I love music? LOL

This post is in memory of several people who are now no longer with us:  Adam Yauch (MCA of the Beastie Boys); Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go music; Donna Summer, Queen of Disco; Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.


After One Year… (Mother’s Day Edition)

May 8, 2011

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well (3 John 1:2)

I begin in sharing my personal journey to good health with scripture.  As I get older, I realize how much I depend on God to sustain me and to help me move to a healthier lifestyle.

Since my undergraduate college years, I’ve battled with weight maintenance and loss. We’ve seen countless commercials, advertisements, and even reality shows—on the examples of good health and wellness.  I would start off well with consistency, then “fall off the wellness wagon”.  Let’s face it, I have an addiction to drive-thru restaurants; chocolate; baked tortilla chips and salsa.  This unhealthy cycle must be broken.  I am determined to do so.  A couple of experiences in my life have given me a “wake-up call” as to how precious life is.

On November 9, 2009, God called on my mother. Her passing was so unexpected. I envisioned after my graduation from graduate school several months later, she would see me walk across the stage; maybe see her daughter get married (God only knows) and both me and my brother would finally present her with grandchildren.  God saw fit where our mother needed to be.

My mother was a diabetic and had high blood pressure.  During the course of preparing for my mother’s “homegoing”, I decided that I was determined to break the cycle of being the next family member diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease.  From that point, I returned home and joined the gym at work; watched what I ate; purchased DVDs and worked out with videos. The consistency was great….until the point that I could no longer afford the membership fee and I was procrastinating with my routines.  I noticed I was gaining weight and certain things were happening to my body that put me in shock. Now I’m developing arthritis in the knees; now certain clothes hug me instead of being loose in certain areas. My sleep patterns are really being affected.  As sung by the group Mary Mary, “I just can’t give up now. Come too far from where I’ve started from. Nobody told me the road would be easy, but I can’t believe he brought me this far to leave me”.

Now, fast forward to May 12, 2012:

It’s amazing what a year can do to change a person.  I started this blog on Mother’s Day 2011, because I knew I had to get serious about my life and my health. My mother being called home by God was my ultimate “wake-up” call.  I know today is a VERY special day with many expressions of love and gratitude for mothers (biological or spiritual). I served at church this morning in the music ministry.  It wasn’t easy due to the fact that I had thoughts of my mother and I had my moments before and during the service.  Afterwards, I turned out in regalia with my fraternal order, which Mother’s Day is a national day of observance for us.  I hope that I made my mother, my grandmothers, great grandmother, aunts, and godparents proud of me today.

Since December 29, 2011, I began exercising 3-5 days a week with Zumba and/or walking outside; watching what I eat (most of the time LOL); taking a multivitamin and a dietary supplement; drinking more tea and water.  I’ve lost 18lbs so far and you can’t tell me nothing! (LOL)  There were a couple of clothes that I can wear now that were sitting in the closet for over a year.  It’ s been a true inspiration for myself and it’s good to know that one person can inspire others along the way.  That’s one of the main reasons I share my story on this journey!


I truly appreciate the support from friends and family that I communicate with in social media.  It motivates me to do better and to keep going.  I’m on this health fitness journey for the long haul!

To everyone reading this blog, I wish you and your families a Happy Mother’s Day!

When You Least Expect It

I’ve been away from posting for the past couple of Sundays due to a busy schedule and dealing with the idiosyncrasies of life.  I may have things going on in my life, but that won’t prevent me from accomplishing the goal of pursuing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle!

As of last Thursday (5/3), I found out that I lost 2 more pounds which brings my total weight loss of 18lbs (*cue in Superior Dance by the Church Lady – LOL)!  I was so excited so you can’t tell me anything 🙂 

I mentioned in the last post that I wore a pair of size 14W slacks.  My paternal grandmother and aunt bought me those slacks almost 4 years ago when JC Penney closed its Western Hills Mall location (I missed that store). It’s a shame that the blouse to go with the pin-striped slacks was damaged.  I’ll have to find a new one.

I’m in the process of cleaning out my place and making some changes in my life.  I realize that I am blessed and many people would like to be in my place. I have to remind myself at times to be grateful, because as the late Walter Hawkins so eloquently put it, “Be grateful, because there’s someone that’s worse off than you..be grateful because someone else wants to be in your shoes.” 

On yesterday, I was serving in the liturgical ministry at church. I was just about to go to my car and drive home.  What I didn’t expect for someone to give me a ticket to a brunch.  Blessing #1: I didn’t have to cook. I found the place via GPS and I remembered this was the same event that led me to joining the church and the two ministries I serve in (Blessing #2).  I enjoyed the program and it gave me a chance to fellowship among church members outside of the house of worship.  It looked like it could rain at any minute but the sun managed to show itself; the location of the brunch had a nice view (Blessing #3).  I had plenty to eat and I won a door prize; then someone gave me theirs (Blessing #4).  See what I mean about “when you least expect it?”








I still walk on the days that I can and I survived 2 circuits with Jillian Michaels along with a Zumba workout on DVD.  I look forward to accomplishing more goals and challenges.  If God brought me this far, then I’ll know he’ll show up and show out when I least expect it!

I’m going to continue to move forward in faith and enjoy my new attitude—as long as God allows me to do so!


I believe I’ve shared these before but they’re worth repeating!