Fear…What Fear?!?!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

— 2 Timothy 1:7 (New Living Translation)

It’s time for me to truly step my game up on my health fitness journey and move forward in faith!

I can’t stop now because I’ve lost 16 pounds.  At times, I have to push myself to work out, even with challenges that I face in life.  As of lately, I’ve declared that fear no longer has a room in my home, mind, heart, or spirit.  Since Fear doesn’t help me pay the rent; do laundry; keep me fed; or offer any advice other than negativity—it’s time to evacuate!

In the last couple of days, I’ve had a reminder of how God does the impossible and he’s still in the blessing business.  Since I claim that I trust him, I’ll get out of his way and let him handle it!  I’m tired of worrying myself into a stressed-out party! I ask for clarity in making better decisions, particularly in my health fitness journey.  I managed to walk, do Zumba, and bellydancing on last week!  We’ve been having some unstable weather lately—-80 degrees one day; 53 degrees the next (with rain).

I’m playing around with the kitchen with making healthier choices.  Just recently, I had a banana, watermelon, apple smoothie with Greek yogurt and almond milk.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!  On yesterday, I made a watermelon, apple, and red grapefruit smoothie with fat-free milk (not as tasty as the previous one).  I want to invest in a juicer really soon so I can get more fruits and vegetables in my diet.  Looking forward to this week so I can work out and I’ll dust off a couple of DVDs that I have and are hardly used for a workout!

As always, I’d like to share music.  I’ve grown attached to these songs because I feel not only the music but the lyrics as well!


Now What?!?!

Ok, so those of you who follow my blog know about my recent weight loss of 16 pounds.  The question is:  Now what?


Do I just stop here? NO!  I continue the journey that I’ve started because the rewards are wonderful:  more energy, better health, and hopefully being an example for someone else—letting them know that it CAN be done!

Due to the rising costs of gas (and the decrease of funds in more ways than one), I took public transit for a couple of days on last week.  I got my cardio in which is no excuse at this moment.  I managed to do one day of Zumba.  There have been so many things going on in my life.  In the meantime, I press forward and keep moving to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve already envisioned myself on what I would look like this summer for my 25th high school class reunion if I keep the momentum….

Since this is a short post, I was listening to some inspirational music this morning (I couldn’t go back to sleep).  I focused on the lyrics and continued to prepare for the day.  I’ve been reciting Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”  You know how I like to share music so here it is:


A Renewal Experience – Special Easter Season Post

Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to post today or tomorrow.  I was determined to do so.  I’ve been inspired by challenges and celebration.

We as human beings deal with challenges in our lives.  I was moved to post this status on my Facebook page:

Challenges in life come at you and we as human beings learn how to respond to them so that we have a testimony to share. Jesus conquered sin, death, and the grave which makes my storms seem obsolete. We witness change this weekend. Jesus will rise again and he paid it all! He sacrificed his life for us! I may have challenges in life, but I still forsee the promise God made to me. With that being said, my future is STILL bright so you know I wear my shades!

Once I completed that post, it was ON!!!!!

Granted, there are some things going on in my life that I don’t like. It’s how I respond to them that count so I can share my experiences with someone else.  This past week was the celebration of Holy Week (Triduum in the Catholic Church), so the services were intense.  I served in the music ministry Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil (the longest service), and Easter Sunday.  Even though I’m physically exhausted, the spiritual uplift, renewal, and the reason why we were celebrating was definitely for me to get energized and continuing to pursue & maintain a healthier lifestyle!









I’ve taken advantage of the weather this past week and walked outside. It’s wonderful when you can walk outside in pleasant weather and listen to music (you know I must have my music LOL)


With the total weight loss of 16 pounds and the celebration of Easter (Resurrection Sunday), I’m more determined to move forward and hopefully be an example to others that with faith, nothing is impossible.  I’m working on developing a better relationship with God in all aspects of my life—a continuing work in progress.

I will share music but most of it will not be with a video.  If you have a chance, you can check out some live recordings that I’ve done with our music ministry and there’s one spoken word uploaded on my soundcloud.  Enjoy, keep moving for good health, and have a Happy Easter!



One of My Favorite Things – A Sharing Post

Most of you that have been following my blog during my health fitness journey know that I “LUUUUUV” music (LOL).

I’ve mentioned in a previous post “Without God and music, I cease to exist”.  Most of the music I listen to comes from rhythm & blues (R&B); rock; pop; gospel; hip hop (80s/90s in particular); country; dancehall, go-go and classical.  I played the clarinet in elementary and high school.  Several of my family members are musicians.  My paternal grandfather, the late Willie Richardson, was a jazz musician and a 1985 inductee into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.  He played the upright bass.  I’m sure he would love Esperanza Spalding’s work.  She.is.fierce!

Music has been a true impact in my life. There are so many songs of multiple genres that inspire, empower, motivate, help you reflect, make you listen or just give you a “push all your cares to the side” type of moment.  Of course, just about every blog post that I’ve shared has some music attached to it.  In this post, I thought I would share some of the music I listen to or work out to.  DISCLAIMER:  Some may hurt the ears, but certain songs I’ll use the beat to dance to or work out.

Right now, I’m having a “cast all your cares to the side and letting it go” moment (LOL).  You’ll see on my list, some of these artists or DJs have some mixtapes that are available for download via social media and/or websites (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Datpiff, Hulkshare, Reverbnation, YouTube, etc.)—and I love hearing the word FREE (LOL).

Missann368’s Playlist on mp3 Player, Hard Drive, and Android (Just a touch of Music)

Raheem DeVaughnBlack Alley

Daron Jones

J. Cole


Jill Scott

Kim Jordan


Les Nubians

Marsha Ambrosius

Mint Condition

Murphy Lee

Obii Say

Phil Ade

R. Kelly


Robin Thicke



The Jacksons

Michael Jackson

Trouble Funk

Chuck Brown

Junkyard Band

Rare Essence

Mambo Sauce


Busta Rhymes

Mariah Carey


Chris Brown


Hall & Oates


Chrisette Michele


Marvin Gaye

Anita Baker

Whitney Houston



Richie Stacks

Nova NocOut



TyreseJ Hill

Foreign Exchange


Mary Mary

Kirk Franklin

Marvin Sapp

Ruben Studdard

Yolanda Adams



Kindred, The Family Soul

Rahsaan Patterson

New Edition

Pit Bull


Ace Hood




Elle Maxwell

Ra the MC

Kingpen Slim


Big Sean

Travis Porter


Kelly Rowland


Esperanza Spalding

Jeff Bradshaw


Eric Benet

John Legend

Al Green

J. Dilla

Steve Spacek


Maimouna YoussefRodd Jimmerson

Claudette Monet

Marcell Russell

Special Shout-Out to the DJs!

DJ Dummy

Sista Stroke

Marcia the DJ

Mr. Hun

DJ Harry Love


DJ Charlie Chan Soprano

DJ Clear

DJ BigSerg

DJ DezAndres

Cokni O’Dire


Mr. Walt


DJ Breeze

DJ Schemes

DJ Quicksilva

DJ Gemini

DJ Analyze

DJ Money

DJ Heat

DJ Eskada

DJ Wayneski

Crazy DJ Bazzaro

DJ Evil Dee

DJ Erika B

DJ Earth One

DJ Supastar

DJ Spinderella

DJ Hawk G

DJ Proof


DJ Prime

DJ Scratch

DJ 4 Hire


DJ Jackhammer

DJ Weezy

DJ Boogiecorleon

DJ Supreme


Trust me, there’s more but I don’t think there’s enough room on this blog for the artists & DJs I’ve met via social media or met in person LOL.  Thank God for technology: GOOGLE ‘EM! (LOL)  If I’ve missed some, please charge it to my head and not to my heart. 🙂

Back In Stride Again

YES INDEED! I’m glad to be back in stride again!

I’ve been away from my workout routine due to neck pains for the past week or so.  I know that I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog post, but I’m so glad to be back!

Today, I’m boldly posting another workout video.  Thanks to my cousin who made sure that I am not giving away any hints to my location of the video 🙂  One of the dances that I’ve grown to love is cumbia, a dance from Colombia.  Beto, the creator of Zumba Fitness, is a native of the country.  I think it’s hot! If the video is too much for you, you’re more than welcome to wait on the next blog post LOL.

This is a VERY short blog.  Enjoy the dance and continue to workout for good health!