Getting Back Into The Groove

For anyone who is pursuing and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle, it doesn’t come without challenges.  Trust me, I’ve had my share of them just within a week in my personal life.  I’m becoming more aware of what I promised God and myself that I would do.

Just this past week, I had an aunt that was laid to rest after a long illness.  I feel for the rest of my family as they grieve, but I do know that her life celebration was very high-spirited. The church was standing room only and folding chairs had to be brought in to help with the overflow of people.  It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t be there to pay my respects.  Thank God for the telephone and social media!  Aunt Inez also loved family and that’s her legacy that I will always remember!

The world is now aware of a young man by the name of Trayvon Martin of Sanford, FL. He was walking to and from the local store to get snacks during the half-time show of the NBA All-Stars game.  The self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, Mr. George Zimmerman, followed this young man because he “looked suspicious” since he was wearing a hoodie.  The sad thing about this story is that Trayvon was murdered; Zimmerman was TOLD by law enforcement NOT to follow him; he pleaded self-defense but you heard screams for mercy coming from Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman has been walking free and hasn’t been charged with a crime.  In solidarity with people who see this as a senseless act of violence with racism, we stand with the family of Trayvon Martin and all wore hoodies today.

It was a beautiful sight to see people of all cultures to come together and stand with his family.  Trayvon could have been my son.  We are ALL Trayvon Martin!


I suffered an unexpected neck pain on last Sunday. I could barely get out of bed.  I braved the pain and took Aleve, Advil, heat and cold packs.  I couldn’t sleep at night due to the pain and the fact I’ve probably stressed myself out about situations going on in my life.  Music serves as a reminder that God is STILL in charge. All I can do at times is continue to pray, keep the faith, and keep moving as my life depended on it! I have to stand, be still, and wait for an answer to any questions or concerns that I bring to God.  As far as exercise this week, the only thing I’ve done is walk to and from the train along with a park and ride.  Honestly, I’m so out of routine—haven’t done ANY Zumba this week.  Of course, my eating habits slipped a little, but I get back on it and continue to press forward with healthy meals and snacks.  I asked God to allow me to continue this health fitness journey and to remove any obstacles in my way.  I claim already that when these “boulders” are removed, a nice mini-vacation is in the works….and soon!









Since I’m talking about getting back into the ‘groove of things’, I’ll share some moving music (if it’s too much for you, wait for next week’s blog post LOL)



Keeping It Moving…Against All Odds

I was inspired this weekend by a celebration & call to service that I attended. I could have easily said “NO” and remained at home. I’m glad I went.

Even though I still face challenges in my personal life, it’s good to have reminders—other examples of people and how their lives make an impact. I attended a celebration and a call to service in honor of Dr. Dorothy I. Height’s centennial (she passed away in 2010). She was a past national president in my sorority; served as a long-term president at the National Council of Negro Women; very actively involved in human rights and civil rights.

Dr. Height endured much in her lifetime. She didn’t seek out recognition for her service to society. She did it because God called on her to do it. Attending the celebration made me reflect on my own journey–knowing that I can do more because it’s right—not for acknowledgement, awards, or prestige.

I share my health fitness journey because I want to let others know that pursuing & maintaining a healthier lifestyle can be done. I’ve managed to get more cardio and only one day of Zumba this past week. I know next week will be even better, even with a stiff neck that I’ll recuperate from. I may not be where I want to be, so in faith, I believe God is setting me up for a victory! As I shared with one of my friends in social media, “I’m in a happy place in spite of it all. NO ONE can take that from me.”

In my meantime, I’ll keep it moving in faith….against all odds.

Making Adjustments

Today is the OFFICIAL beginning of Daylight Savings Time [somebody forgot to tell my body about it today LOL].  It’s another beautiful day outside, but how can I expect to even write a new blog post on a day like this? LOL


During this health fitness journey, am I not immune to challenges in my professional and personal life.  It’s been one heck of a year so far, but as I’ve heard many people say before: “You can’t have a testimony without a test”.  Physically, I did manage to get into a routine of walking outside due to the recent sunny days we’ve had and a little bit of Zumba.  Going forward, I know I will have to make some adjustments if I want to continue to get healthy and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  As of today, I am making my goals list for the rest of this year—particularly in the areas of health.


I’ve noticed that my body is slowly changing.  How can I say this? What I wear up top doesn’t fit me as it should so I need to go and have an official fitting—as some say—to get the “girls” in place.  I still am in awe that I can fit into my size 16 jeans and I’ve had to pull up on my workout pants more when I do walk, Zumba, or strength training. Once I get my financial house in order, I would love to be able to shop for new wardrobe. I’m grateful to have clothes.  As my body changes, so does the outlook.  To me, that’s a good feeling—a change for the better!

There are several other goals I have in mind: more travel; upgrading my workout; getting out more—I could go on and on.  A very short blog post calls for a good closing song that I think goes well for my thoughts today:


Look (and Feel) Marvelous!


To paraphrase a verse in one of my favorite LL Cool J songs: “I.FEEL.GOOD. (YAAAAHOOOO!) about Stephanie! LOL


I went to an early church service on Sunday to serve in one of my ministries.  After church was over, a woman who drives the church van said to me: “You lost that weight. You look good–and you haven’t lost what’s back there. Keep it up!” (I was about to holler in church LMBO). “What’s back there” is considered to be a family trait for females on both sides of my family.  Matter of fact, I wore the outfit that you see in my picture. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror yesterday–LOL

Compliments about my health fitness journey keep me motivated and I appreciate them all.  I haven’t been on the scale yet and I don’t plan to weigh myself until almost the end of the month.  I made a commitment to continue this journey since my life depends on it. If I want to do more in my life, one of the things that HAS to improve is my health.

I didn’t have much to say on this post. Some of my thoughts are connected to music or an act. To end this post, these visual thoughts were running through my head (DISCLAIMER: content might be strong for some)