On A Natural High..Moving Forward

You would’ve thought I’d won the lottery. I’m still celebrating a 12-lb. weight loss.  Am I happy? Yes. Can I sit down now? NO.  I need to keep the momentum going.  I’m on this health fitness journey not for others to look at me as an example, but for myself.  My overall health depends on it!

During my first day back at work after the President’s Day holiday weekend, I noticed that I had a little more room in my slacks when I wore them.  I couldn’t say this several months ago.  I’ve been able to maintain my movement through Zumba, and we did have some nice sunny days (but cold) that I took advantage of —-walking around the campus during my lunch break.  You know I MUST have my music 🙂

Walking in the Sunshine

As I now try to enhance my personal and professional life, I am selective at times of what I eat.  For example, I had a very productive weekend that included a public service project; a workshop; a meet/greet social; and participating in my church’s music ministry.  When preparing for the project, there was PLENTY of food for volunteers.  I made sure to grab some fruit and vegetables with a bottled water; very few pieces of a wing (about 3).  Later on that evening, I was at a meet and greet with others, and we share an admiration for an artist named Raheem DeVaughn.  I had a veggie burger and sweet potato fries. They.were.DELICIOUS!

Busboys & Poets veggie burger and sweet potato fries


Today was another early start due to my participation in the music ministry. I didn’t have the time to cook breakfast, so I did grab a $1 oatmeal with an orange juice (free) and a cup of coffee.  I didn’t eat oatmeal when I was a child (except for cookies). I appreciate it now, especially for its health benefits and it doesn’t have to taste so bland.

I’ll continue to move forward.  Life has it’s challenges, but I know the experiences will make me become a better person with more knowledge to pass on to others.  I ask God to continue to be with me on this journey; not just because it’s the Lenten season.

To end my post, here is a picture with me and one who told me last week I was “drippin’ swaggoo’ after I shared my fitness story.  Can you saycougar moment blush?LOL

You didn’t think I would forget my music, would you? In memory of “The Voice”: Whitney Elizabeth Houston…..R.I.P.



Struttin’ To A New Me!



I’ve had a liberating and empowering experience this weekend!

I was preparing for my sorority chapter’s community fundraiser event.  In December, I bought a pair of size 18 jeans with a gift card given to me by one of my aunts (the ones on the left).  The size 16 jeans on the right have been in my closet for about a year. I couldn’t even get the leg over my leg for quite some time!  As of yesterday, I was able to slip into those dark, denim jeans.  You should’ve seen me strutting around my place and looking at myself in the mirror.  I know I still have ways to go in working on my core, but I was so excited and quickly shared my pictures in social media.

The community fundraiser event that I worked with and participated in dealt with FOOD: lots of it.  Honestly, I had my share of it. However, I worked off 795 calories just dancing: about 20 minutes or more of cardio and you know how much I LOVE to dance! We did the cha-cha slide, the “Wobble”, and several other line dances. I didn’t get a chance to participate in our chapter stroll since my duties with the event were calling me.

Me in my Size 16 jeans

I enjoyed the event and I think it went well. I was dealing with some challenges that tried to kill my spirit.  In the midst of it all, I was able to remain focused on what I wanted to see happen with my health. I definitely want to get down to another pant and dress size within the next few months.  I feel good with all the Zumba workouts; watching portions and drinking water–the momentum and consistency is paying off.  As I work on this blog post, I just ate a grilled tilapia fillet, mixed vegetables with black-eyed peas, and a tossed salad with honey mustard dressing.  Of course, I became “celebratory” with a Smirnoff Ice. I’m back on my workouts tomorrow and hopefully will get a chance to walk since I have the day off!

I appreciated the compliments from family and friends that communicate with me via social media.  I even had a guest at the event tell me “I was drippin’ swaggu” when I shared my weight loss story [Reference: one of Kanye West’s lines in a song – LOL]. You couldn’t tell me nothing – I’m struttin’ to a new me! Watch me walk!

Since I’m on the subject of newfound confidence to keep my fitness journey going, I’ll share some music.  DISCLAIMER: The content may be a little bit too much to handle for some LOL

THIS is NOT a Game! [Love Myself Edition 2012]

As soon as I arrived home, I prepared myself for my Zumba workout and thinking about my healthy dinner.  I realize that since December 29, 2011, when I renewed my efforts to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle, I have become more aware of the choices I make with food. Do I slip at times? Yes, but not as much as I used to.

One of my Facebook friends asked me about the yogurt I was eating one day.  I’ve become a fan of this yogurt brand; it’s delicious and the Champions for Kids is my favorite: Vanilla Chocolate Chunk (I had to get my chocolate in some kind of way LOL).

I often share my meals with my social media friends.  Tonight, I had a fish taco on a whole-wheat tortilla and mixed greens with cherry tomatoes (greens & tomatoes were cooked in a crock pot).  Sometimes I would state “THIS is NOT a game!” It’s almost become another mantra for me.  As I look back, I think I’ve been the most consistent in my healthier lifestyle journey now than in the past (well, the motivation of losing 11 lbs. doesn’t hurt LOL).

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  It’s amazing how commercialized the day has become.  Another opportunity for retail outlets, stores, restaurants, etc. to make money; another opportunity for us who are single and are not in a committed relationship  to acknowledge the day or not.  In the past, I would’ve been highly upset if the thought of Valentine’s Day didn’t include a thought of me in mind. I figured, “I haven’t been acknowledged with the day in over 10 years and I should be used to it.”  We ‘women folk’ are emotional creatures and I dreaded seeing colleagues or other people I knew receive gifts from their significant others—made me want to call in sick LOL.  I realize that love is not only to be celebrated on ONE day of the year but 365 days, 24/7.  That’s how God wants it and so does his son, Jesus. They both love us no matter what! The only thing we as human beings need to do is follow them and love them as they love us.  So simple, but we humans make it so complicated (LOL).

I debated on whether I should take a hiatus from social media and not interact at all on tomorrow.  I know that I do have a special Valentine that loves me unconditionally and wants to see me in love while being a good example. The “Special Valentine”….is ME!  So while others are scrounging at the last minute to make plans for tomorrow, I’ll go to work, listen to some good music, and treat my Special Valentine to something.  Besides, I love me and I deserve to be treated as a Queen because I AM one!

I’m going to continue to stay persistent while insisting I get myself into better health.  Faith has gotten me this far and I don’t plan on turning back!  By the way, I had a very unique way of a motivator to be sent to me.  A special shout-out to one of my Twitter friends who “named” my workout (LOL).  This video is for you.  It’s only the song.  The video may be too much for some people (LOL).

Doing What I Enjoy…Dance!

Today will be a very SHORT blog post.  As I type, I know the excitement is in the air for this weekend’s Super Bowl game (parties, gatherings, food, etc.). What a great way to spend some time alone and in a healthy state of mind: kicking back while viewing the live broadcast of the Raheem DeVaughn Show with shrimp and mixed vegetables for dinner, along with Multigrain Scoops or Light Popcorn for a snack; water or green tea for a beverage [ Nope! No alcohol – haven’t had any since January 1, 2012]!

I have another video showing myself in Zumba form.  I truly enjoy dancing because it doesn’t seem like a workout! I have fun in the privacy of my own home. But of course, I also enjoyed the workout with others when I was a consistent fitness member over a year ago.  I never lost sight of buying my own Zumba fitness kit and continuing to work with it. As I work with the fitness kit, I’m researching the artists and their music (you know I MUST have music in my house LOL).

I worked out on yesterday (Saturday) with Zumba live [my legs are still on fire LOL].  It was pretty intense but I did 55 minutes of a workout; I burned 485 calories.  I looked the part too once I was getting ready to get cleaned up LOL. Zumba concentrates on all parts of the body including your core.  You have to keep your abs in tight.  I guess watching what I eat in addition to exercise and drinking more water, that’s how I was able to lose seven pounds.  God willing, I’m trying to keep the momentum going!

February 3, 2012 was National Wear Red Day.  My employer participates and collaborates with the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health in the Heart Truth Campaign, highlighting awareness of heart disease and the effects on women.  Heart disease is considered to be the #1 cause of death in women.  Statistics are alarming and we all need to need take care of ourselves so that we can be a blessing to others.  I know it’s easier said than done, but one of my motivators to get back into shape was NOT to become the next family statistic for diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

Our institute participated in a flash mob and we had a great time doing it as well as the rehearsals.  Here’s a link to the video; I come in on the right at 0:34 seconds.

Later that day, our Acting Director participated in a #HeartChat on twitter with U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin.  One of our deputy directors responded to questions and/or comments tweeted in Spanish.  For about a week, there was NO excuse for me NOT getting my cardio in (LOL).

To those who are reading this blog, enjoy the rest of your day! Keep it moving and do it for your health!

Well, so much for a short blog (LOL).