I Already Claim Victory


From my last blog post, I mentioned that I lost seven pounds after working out with Zumba, incorporating strength training, and watching what I eat.  Trust and believe, when you tell God that you want to do better in your life, trouble will definitely try and find you!

In my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I experienced some personal challenges (and still do) in which I almost began to question throwing in the towel.  “Something in my spirit” (as the comedienne/actress Mo’Nique would say) refuses to allow me to give up.  I haven’t been able to really sleep as much as I need to, and that comes from how you handle the challenges—your response to them; not how you react.  You can either change your outlook to change your outcome or continue to dwell in a “woe is me” attitude.  Ironically, I was born on a Wednesday which is considered someone as a “child of woe”. You don’t know how much I want to smash that myth (LOL).

This past week, I wasn’t consistent with Zumba. I only did about 1 or 2 days.  However, since  I had car issues, my commutes have been mostly via public transit.  I’m grateful to live in an area where it is accessible, but it does cost.  Not all areas are accessible, but for the most part, I can get to work and music ministry rehearsals.  So, I had to use my BMW (bus, Metro, walking – LOL). I even told some of my social media friends that I had better lose more weight after all this LOL.

I’ve noticed a couple of clothes that don’t fit snug as they did before.  I haven’t been on the scale since that day I found out about my 7-lb. weight loss, so I’m going to continue to keep up my workout routine and accomplish some more goals in my life.  God has been the shoulder I’ve been able to lean on and I don’t think I’ll ever let go.  This past week, he allowed me to hear his voice through some people I’ve met that helped me in dealing with my car or just being able to talk while keeping my mind away from the negative.  I’m grateful for that!

In the midst of it all, I already.claim.victory.  I choose to continue to stay focused and positive.  I don’t remember who on twitter suggested it (but I tried it), but the task was to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”. I had a conversation with myself, looking at my own reflection and feeling much better once the talk ended.  The situation was emotional at first for me because of challenges I face.  I decided to continue to work on taking care of myself; to love myself even more; focusing on my relationship with God and move forward like nobody’s business!

I know I’ll be grateful once I get in the best spiritual, physical, relationship, and financial shape.  Only God knows what lies ahead for me!



NOTE:  Now you know I can’t close this post without my music LOL



Persevere and Press On

I know it’s an interesting way to begin a new blog post, but the lyrics still capture my spirit of what I’m going through in my life journey.

If you remember from a previous post, I purchased a Zumba Fitness kit via Amazon and began the workout as of December 29, 2011.  Since then, I’ve worked out with it on a consistent basis and pushing myself to drink more water.  I enjoy dancing because it doesn’t seem like a workout and I sweat each time I do it.

December 29, 2011 I weighed at

As of last week (week of January 15-20, 2012) I now weigh:

( I know these are different pictures but I forgot my own camera – LOL)

At one point in time, one of my watches that I wear was VERY snug on me.  Now look at it on my wrist:  I can barely keep this watch on now.  In order for it to stay, I have to slide it down my arm–imagine that! LOL

Now I have a confidence of “you can’t tell me nothin” mentality.  I’m so happy!  Of course, I may slip and fall, but I will get back up.  My mindset is now to where I’m truly watching what I eat; making sure to take my vitamin supplements; establishing a more consistent workout routine.  I also have to manage stress COMPLETELY out of my life journey because it does affect on what I do professionally and personally.  If you only knew my story and what I’ve been through, you’d probably think after reading this blog “Who.are.you?!?!” LOL

I still have ways to go but I am enjoying the process.  I do appreciate the support from family and friends who I communicate with in social media.  I’m actually involved in a Fitness Challenge that began on January 1, 2012 and ends March 31, 2012.  The person who loses the most weight gets taken out to dinner (who wouldn’t want a chance to win that? LOL)

To end this post, I’ll play my mentality (lyrical content may be too much for some people):

Journey Reflection (1st Blog Post of 2012)

I couldn’t seem to fall asleep
There was so much on my mind
Searching for that peace
But the peace I could not find
So then I knealed down to pray
Praying help me please
Then He said you don’t have to cry
Cause I’ll supply all your needs

As sooon as I stop worrying (soon as I stopped worrying)
Worrying how the story ends (When I let go)
I let go (And I let) and I let God (let Him have)
(Let Him Have) Let God have His way
(That’s when things) That’s when things start happening
I’ll stop looking at back then
I let go and I’ll let God have His way

—-DeWayne Woods: “Let Go”

Well, I survived the first week of the New Year and I’m already experiencing challenges in my professional and personal life.  I’ve reflected, cried, screamed, and spoke into the sky as to why I am going through these situations.  At times you feel like your back is against the wall, and I’ll continue to say that I REFUSE to give up. Something within me says to press on and move forward, despite any challenge that I may face or disappointments that I’ve experienced.  In addition, the “theme song” or mantra that has stayed with me is: “Let it go.”

I began the Zumba fitness program as of December 29, 2011.  I’ve completed the first CD and look forward to work on the second one.  The first one gave an introduction, basics, and a 20-minute Express.  I enjoy dancing so it doesn’t feel like a workout.  The next thing I want to incorporate is strength training along with my Zumba.  I didn’t visit any fast-food restaurants and try to keep my snacks healthy ones.  I’m slowly increasing my water intake to 2L a day.  I know I need to add lemon to it (LOL).  I haven’t seen any results yet, but I’m hopeful that I will after March 31, 2012 arrives.  The key is to remain consistent.

My lower body and core have been really getting the workout.  I also picked up my Shake Weight again (after it was on the floor collecting dust LOL).  I’ve found a couple of songs to get me moving around my place.  No one won’t be able to tell me anything during the summer (LOL).

I have a bucket list of what I want to accomplish this year (I don’t consider them resolutions).  So in 2012, I continue to remain in faith in all my endeavors. I know God’s plan is MUCH better than the one I have.