Reflections on Good Health & Well-Being

This past week has been slow and sluggish for me. I had to force myself in order to do any exercise, and my time outside for walking was limited due to the heat and humidity. However, you observe and hear about people and their positive health stories—as well as their challenges—that will force you to either continue to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle or throw in the towel.

We live in a global society where just about everything is on fast pace. There are fast-food restaurants with drive-thrus provided; packaged meals that are processed for quick preparation and ready to eat (without the vitamins and nutrients); technology at our disposal (who would’ve thought I would even be writing a blog of all things…LOL) with smart phones, Internet, smart cars, etc.  Makes you think what did we do BEFORE all these things came to existence?

I’m getting older and at times, I know some things I was able to do with less weight on me. I’m not as successful with some of the exercise routines, but I continue to push myself and know that with consistency, “this too shall pass”. I’ve read stories in social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) about other people’s journeys to good health. It’s really good to see people “walk the walk” when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and not just for the season.  I’ve had my share of stopping and starting…I know consistency is the key.  I worked out with Bob Harper (“The Biggest Loser”) again on DVD.  Trust me, you’ll sweat in a cardio workout with him…now Jillian Michaels on the other hand..if I can succeed in completing her circuit training video, I can do anything (LOL).  On the “Cardio Max” DVD, I worked up a sweat even during the warm-up and that was only 10 minutes!

I look forward to sharing with you more of my journey to wellness in the next few weeks. I’m determined to get more involved and consistent with my workouts and drinking more water. Matter of fact, I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and got rid of granulated sugar, flour, and rice and anything else that will not be part of my eating habits.  It didn’t help that I attended a celebration this weekend–and they served rice—and it was good too (LOL).

My birthday is next month, so I would really like to have lost some weight by then. I am not able to truly venture outside my area until later this year due to work, so I hope to take advantage of some of the places near where I live.  In addition, once there is progress, I would like to shop around for some clothes that will fit and compliment my new outlook.  Trust me, once I see progress on my core, “you can’t tell me nothing” (in my Kanye West voice LOL)

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Moving Forward…Refusing to Quit

I should give myself a pat on the back for surviving this week.  Honestly, I had my share of the holiday cookout during the 4th of July weekend (ribs, crabs, fish, greens, salad, Lynchburg Lemonade, and chicken). Now getting back to the focus.

We had some unusual weather this past week so I didn’t get a chance to walk out as much.  Something that I rarely do is walk out in heat over 90 degrees.  During those few days, I managed to keep my water supply (an encouragement to drink more water), wear sunscreen and insect repellent.  In addition, I take the stairs going down instead of the elevator. Now if I can get back to where I used to take the stairs going up AND down and less use of the elevator…..

My ankles don’t look as swollen as they did before since I’m trying to change my eating habits and exercising more.  I’ll weigh myself after the end this month. I did take a picture of my “before” weight on the scale so you’ll be able to see it in the next few blog posts.

On yesterday (7/9/11) I managed to survive being out at the Indonesia Festival. With access to public transit, I did a park & ride and took the subway to get to National Mall. I learned some things about the Indonesian culture and I participated in a Guinness World Record event: 5,183 of us played the song “We Are The World” on the angklung, an instrument made out of bamboo. I even earned a certificate for my participation.  What is so interesting is that a LOT of walking was involved. I should have worn my sneakers instead of my flats.  I was out for about 6 to 6.5 hours on my feet. I managed to drink 2 1L bottles of water (applause here).  In addition, I met Raheem DeVaughn, one of my favorite artists that I support. He did an autograph signing after his performance and has been invited to perform at some music festivals in Indonesia….WOW!

I also did some exercises that I discovered to work on the chest and arms, and continuing to work on my core (the part of the body I really need to tone).  Working on my core will help and enhance on my singing since I serve in my church’s music ministry.  Once I tone up this area, you can’t tell me nothing LOL.

To close out this blog post, I wanted to share a video that references to my blog title….enjoy and God willing, I’ll post on next week!  If it doesn’t show up, it’s MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit”.





Keeping The Eyes on The Prize

As I write on July 6, 2011, I am reflecting on why I wanted to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

It dawned on me that today would have been my mother’s 62nd birthday.  I was talking to a cousin and we were reminiscing about the desserts my mother would make for the holidays or just to make them.  She would give Paula Deen a run for her money (LOL).

I managed to work out some days last week and up until today; hopefully in a more consistent routine.  I’ve been restructuring my goals and have decided to get in touch with a personal trainer and the fitness center at work.  In addition, I know I need to drink more water.  Can you say 2 liters a day? LOL






Each morning when I wake up, I see the picture on the wall of me, my mother, and brother.  This picture is very sentimental, because it was taken at her 60th birthday celebration; the last picture of us together and the last time I saw my mother…period.  I made it my business when I moved away to call her on weekly basis and let her know how I was doing.  Little did I know that God had plans for her to come home to him.

It’s a struggle on this journey to wellness, but I’m grateful to see and receive motivation from others along the way.  One of my friends said to me recently, “If I can do it, you can do it”.  I’m inspired and it’s those kinds of statements that keep me going.  That helps me keep my “Eyes on The Prize”.  

Here’s to the life and spirit of my mother.  I want to be able to instill the love and spirit of confidence and good health to my own family someday (God blesses me with that gift, it’s ON! LOL)